Under Armour Is My Winter Security Blanket

I’ve noticed  I have favorites.  My favorite treadmill at the gym, my favorite brand of peanut butter, my favorite train car to enter on, my favorite shoes and my favorite clothes.  As I go through editing my photos from some December travel I notice I have one article of clothing that’s prevalent in most of my photos.  Funny, cause I remember my suitcase was filled with clothes, completely that I might have needed to borrow some space from my other half for more clothes to pack. I’m an over packer  but what’s prevalent in all my photos is one shirt, my security blanket, my Under Armour.  As I thought back on when I first got it, I realized I don’t just use it for running, I use it for travel and everything in between.

So here’s a story of my winter security blanket.  I brought it a year ago when I first started training for my first marathon in the dead of New England winter.  Snow, rain, cold freezing bone chilling winds and I was still out there on my long run trying to build my endurance, December, January, and worse of all months February.

In December 2011 it came with me to Paris and London.  Yup, that’s me on top of the Eiffel tower protected in my toasty Under Armour.

It enjoyed the beautiful sunset on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris.  It might have even had a glass or two of champagne, of course I had to drink for both of us.

It spent a lot of nights with me in Iceland in December 2012.  I didn’t run once during that trip but yet my loyalty to wearing Under Amour prevailed.  It was one of the few articles of clothes that i have that I can rely on being there to keep me warm no matter how bone chilling the temperatures get and yet comfortable enough that I can hike a glacier or enjoy some fine dining.

It came with me on my first cross country skiing adventure in Maine in February 2012.  These are flash backs and I can go in non-chronological order =)

And finally for running.  It ran with me during my Derry 16 Miler Race, a fabulous weekend of running where I conquered 37 miles in two days.

It’s the essential ingredient in my winter running layers, but more than that, it’s just essential in keeping me warm for everything.

Disclaimer – Under Armour did not pay me or give me anything for this post.  I purchased the top on my own and just love it that much.  In fact, if someone wants to give me an I love Liana gift for that special month or my quarter year birthday, there’s one in a lovely tropic pink color and there’s only 3 available on Amazon =).

7 thoughts on “Under Armour Is My Winter Security Blanket”

  1. UA makes some pretty good cold weather gear. I don’t have any, but I have heard good things about it. I think everyone has a staple item or two that they absolutely love. I am obsessed with my Brooks Utopia hoodie right now. It comes me cozy warm outside and is super cute too!

  2. I love my Under Armour compression shirts! I have 3 and always wear them as a base layer for winter running. They are so comfortable I don’t know I’m wearing them, yet keep me toasty warm! I didn’t run in Iceland either, too windy! (Although I had at least one UA shirt with me…)

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