Spring is in the air..

This past weekend we had 2 feet of snow, and we’re expected to get a few inches this coming weekend and yet I can feel it, Spring is in the air.

Boston hit a pleasant high of 40 degrees today (Wednesday) and with clear blue skies, I was reminded why I love living in my wintry mix of a city.

Boston Spring 10

I was feeling a little unmotivated to run so instead I went to for a walk around Downtown Boston.  One of the first spots I hit up was the Charles Esplanade

Boston Spring 9

I immediately got jealous of all the runners out there.  The paths have been fully cleaned and you could barely tell that just 3 days ago Boston was hit with 30 inches of snow.  I really regretted not bringing running tights to work as I kept walking.

Boston Spring 8

The next spot I went by was the Boston Gardens.  There you can see a little more evidence of the recent snowstorm.

Boston Spring 7

Unlike the dirty remains of black crud of ice by my office building, much of the public gardens was still under a white blanket.  The pond was frozen solid and for the most part I had the park to myself, something that’s very uncommon on a warmer day in Boston.

Boston Spring 6

I’m not sure what this little tree looks like with leaves but I wanted to pick it up and take it home with me!

Boston Spring 4

Most of the snow was unmarked, only a few spots showed evidence of human/dog passage.

Boston Spring 3

Afterwards I walked back through Back bay to my office.  Nothing brings out the colors of brownstones on Comm Ave. like the partly clear skies and the reflective nature of the snow.

Boston Spring 1

We’re expecting another 3 or more inches of snow and more rain this weekend starting Saturday morning and going into Sunday.  It’s this type of weather, the kind that disrespect my weekend long runs (I got 20 miles to make up this weekend!) that makes me want to learn to drive and pack my bags to California.  But then I wake up on a crisp sunny day (maybe a week or a month later) and realize I’m exactly where I love to be.

2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air..”

  1. i really dislike running but i swear if i lived in a city like boston i’d do it just for these kinds of views! and yes it has felt downright BALMY to me all week.

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