50 Miler Training – Week 6 & Pre – Hyannis Marathon Thoughts

My week 6 of the 50 miler training was really uneventful.  I ran a total of 20 miles.   7 miles on Monday and Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday before I stopped to take a break for my knee.

I have good training weeks and I have bad training weeks and then I have absolute misery at times.  I’m going to be honest and while I don’t feel as negative about it now as I did last week, I want to share that it’s normal to have things that get in the way of your training plan or in my case a training concept since I’ve never been much of a planner.  You just work with it and keep doing the things that make you happy.

While the runs went fine, my knee felt weak and I wanted to prevent further damage   I don’t ever try to outrun something when I feel injured.  Running through the pain is not a solution and I want to be in this for the long run (no pun intended) and not just for a race.

I debated what was causing the issue and after taking a short break, I decided to stop doing Jillian Michael lunges and squats for now until it goes away.  Last year I had a similar knee issue acting up and it was around the same time when I tried once again to make strength a regular part of my workouts.  I’d like  to say that my body just hates strength workouts because my mind sure does.  However, I think I need to take my time and focus more on my form.  I like to rush through each move and I’m sure my form is what caused my knee to be cranky.

Another thing that prevented me from running last weekend was Nemo.  A blizzard tends to keep you indoors.  Usually I find that when something feels off, I’m safer running outside where my running form is more natural than a treadmill where my form tends to be more repetitive and repetition is what causes a lot of running injuries.  I decided that it’s better to just rest up and wait for Monday.

Anyways, this week is going better.  I’ll have a full recap for week 7 but I’m still having trouble getting in a 20 miler with most of the streets by my house still covered in snow banks.  Some people did a great job shoveling, while others have not and navigating that in combination to the expected snow and rain for a 20 miler isn’t appealing.  I tried the treadmill today but after 13 miles I stopped.  At least it’s a long weekend I got Sunday and Monday to attempt instead.

I would normally not care but next Sunday I’m running the Hyannis Marathon.  I have hopes to re-qualify for Boston for 2014.  I need this 20 miler for a mental boost.  I think logically I should be ready but I don’t know.  I haven’t ran a marathon since September and since Winter training is never predictable, I’m not sure what to expect.  I also made an appointment with my chiropractor who practices ART, Active Release Technique.  It was the same person I saw after the horrible Boston Marathon and after suffering with weird sciatic pain for weeks, I saw him for 4 visits and felt 100% better.  I’m hoping he’ll come to my rescue once again.  Unfortunately, he’s on vacation until Thursday so I’ve been desperately awaiting his return.  None the less, after I get my final 20 miler in, I’m going to taper.  I have my personal goals and they’re much more ambitious than my goal was last year.  Last year I was hoping to break a 4 hour marathon, with the way my training was going, I never imagined I would have ran a 3:24.  I’m hoping the same will work out this year.

2 thoughts on “50 Miler Training – Week 6 & Pre – Hyannis Marathon Thoughts”

  1. Good luck on the marathon! It’s always hard to know what to expect… I hope you’ll surprise yourself. Squats and lunges are tricky – they played a large part in helping me get rid of knee pain several years ago, but they can also aggravate the knee sometimes. It’s smart to pay attention and back off in case that’s the culprit!

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