Malden 5/10K & 4-Week Training Plan to your first 5K!

I did a little interview with Alex at Addicted2Running about running and my (lack of) training and (lack of) plan for my 50 miler.  Aside from me being a little dazed and confused (Monday nights are not my best days), it was great chatting with Alex and hearing about his experience at his 50 miler.  So check out his blog and his interview with me.

The Malden 5/10K is less than 5 weeks away and if you’re local to me, you should sign up!  It’s a small race and benefits the Malden Rotary.  Registration is only $20 or $10 if you’re a student.  The race is chip timed and usually has about 300 runners in total.  To get there, you can drive or take the Orange Line or even the Commuter Rail to Malden Center.  With registration you get a T-shirt (cotton), hat, gloves and random things and after the race, there’s a pasta/salad lunch at the Dockside.  Start time is around 11:30/12:00 on Saturday March 23rd, so you don’t have to worry too much about losing beauty sleep on your day off!

Photo from last year of the starting line

Now if you’re new to running, you’re thinking I’m not ready for a 5K!  That’s crazy! There’s not enough time!  Maybe next year… But deep down, I know you’re interested, after-all you’re reading this.  Whether you’re friends with me or someone else, you might have noticed the large rise in facebook/twitter status updates on working-out and running.   You slowly shake you head, think that’s very nice and move on, but exercise is contagious and so are the endorphins that people get from them.  When you’re happy, you want everyone else to be happy!


A 5K is 3.1 miles.. Can you walk 1 mile? I’m sure if you live around Boston, you can probably even walk 3.1 miles, so transitioning that to running just takes patience and commitment

Below is a sample 4 Week plan I created for my brother who never ran before.  If you search far and wide on the world of Google there’s plenty of others out there but this worked for me when I first started training last minute for my first 5K in 2009.


Run – Any combination of running/walking/jogging as long as you get the time or distance covered.

Rest/XT – Since you’re new to running you can either take a rest day or cross train with anything (bike, elliptical, strength, body pump, walk).

Rest – I really recommend taking a complete day of rest once a day, not even yoga allowed.  Your muscles do their most crucial work (rebuilding) during rest.

Beginner 4 Week 5K Training Plan

Free Beginning Running Tools

Fancy GPS running watches are nice to have but really are not needed, in fact if you’re just starting, save yourself the $300 for now.  Instead here’s 2 great tools to use in your training to track and share your progress.

Runkeeper– GPS/Mileage/Speed running app for Iphone & Android.  I found it works very accurately in Boston, or at least as accurate as my Garmin watch is since both give me the same times.  It also lets you know your speed, and time per mile and the changes in elevation.  Overall great, and user-friendly app.

DailyMile – A website where you track the miles/time you ran and all your other workouts.  It’s a great motivator and a place to connect with other runners out there.  Feel free to add me to your list if you’re signed up.

Now go ahead, commit and sign up for that 5K just four weeks away!

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