Boston Restaurant Week – B & G Oyster

While the rest of Boston was being Irish for the day, I was being a hungry runner.  So after hitting the pavement for 20 miles, I wanted to take advantage of Restaurant week.  Restaurant week is a way to Boston’s finest dining at affordable prices.  Well more affordable than before since affordable is a relative term.

3 Course Lunch – $20.13
3 Course Dinner – $38.13
As you can see lunch is a much better deal than dinner so I try to make it to one or two lunches each time restaurant week comes.  This Sunday Tony and I hit up B & G Oysters
We started with a few oysters (not part of the prefixe menu).
B&G Oysters Oysters
B&G Oysters Oyster
We both got the clam chowder but unfortunately the clams were overcooked.  However, minus the clams, the soup was delicious.

B&G Oysters Clam Chowder

Scallops, complete and utter perfection! Dayboat scallops with fennel puree, farro, poached celery root

B&G Oysters Scallops Actually I lied, this dessert was heaven.  Salted Heath bar chocolate mousse.
B&G Oysters Chocolate Moose

Pound cake Tony picked, it was okay but I wouldn’t die for it.

B&G Oysters Pound CakeDo you participate in something similar to restaurant week?

3 thoughts on “Boston Restaurant Week – B & G Oyster”

  1. We had a restaurant week here, but I kind of forgot about it! It sounded like fun when I read about it, but then the dates came and went. It was the first year Spokane has done this, so maybe next year if they do it again there will be more advertising to remind me. 🙂

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