2013 Malden Rotary Road Race 10K Race Recap

Malden 10K Start Line

Friend, Family & running, does life really get better than that?

The 2013 Malden Rotary Race was held on Saturday March 23rd. There was a 5K option at noon and a 10K option that started at 11:30AM. Registration was $20 or $30 day of the race.

This was my third year running the 10K and my race recap from last year is here.  It was a cold cold day with temperatures barely reaching 40 and a 20MPH cold gust fighting against you.  I woke up around 9AM to a friend showing up to the race start 2 hours early!  Yea you!  Way to ruin my beauty sleep.  Anyways, I grabbed a few swag bags, numbers and headed back home for some breakfast of toast and Trader Joes sunflower butter.  Is it sad that I look forward to weekends so I could gorge myself on Sunflower Butter?  Yup, true story.

Malden 10K Swag

The swag bag features some pretty neat stuff for a race completely organized by a nonprofit charity.  There was a LONG SLEEVE TECHNICAL shirt, something Hyannis Marathon couldn’t provide (yup still complaining about that). A pair of gloves I use for gardening.  Snacks, New England coffee, New England Racing Calender/Schedule and a cute little Patch tote.  There were also some coupons for Marathon Sports and Dick’s sporting store but I don’t shop at either so I didn’t keep.  A tip though, the tech shirts run big ladies, so order a small, since they’re in men’s size.

Malden 10K Shoes

Earlier that week, I made a few purchases and of course couldn’t wait to try out my new shoes.  The red babies on the left are Mizuno Ronin 4, a racing flat.  I ran a few speed miles in them on Thursday on a treadmill but haven’t taken them out on the road yet because the streets were still covered in frozen icy snow.  None the less, I assessed my risks and decided to go with them for race day.

They say don’t try anything new on race day, but I’ve never been a great listener anyways.

We waited in the cold in the confusion that was the starting line for about 10 minutes until finally around 11:40 they decided to start the 10K and I blasted off.

Miles 1, 2, 3 – I don’t know how, but for the first three miles with gradual up and down hills, I somehow kept  a 6:30 pace.  It must have been my stubbornness to try to keep up with my friend Dan.  Around mile 3 I thought I was going to heave up a lung.

Mile 4 – I started slowing down and ran this around a 7:06 minute pace.l I hit some kinda wall and those shoes that felt amazing for the first three miles were starting to make my feet hurt.  My toes felt like they were poking through the mesh.  This was also probably one of the flatter miles.  Can you hit a wall at mile 4? Maybe I wasn’t ready to race a 10K in racing flats on crappy pavement?

Miles 5. 6 – Luckily, I snapped out of my wall of whinness and finished the mile in a 6:50 pace, probably my more comfortable 10K pace. Mile 6 was ran at 6:55 but I think that was because for the final mile we merged with the 5K group and main street, a busy road that had no traffic cut off so you have 400 runners, fast 10kers, merging with walking 5kers and a bunch of pissed off drivers.

Dan, I tried so hard to catch up to you that last mile, I even risked my life more times than I’d like to admit as I jetted in front of moving vehicles but in the end I was 14 seconds too late.

Malden 10K Brother

After I finished I saw Tony, April and Ryan cross the finish line and then ran back about half a mile to finish the race with my brother and Ana.  My brother, above, was running his first 10K and he finished strong!  I was going to run up to take a photo of him finishing but he sprinted ahead when he saw the finish line and I was too slow to make it.

Malden 10K

Tony ran a PR of 48:18!

The girls stuck around and waited for Adrienne and Liz to finish while the boys couldn’t sustain their hunger and went to the Dockside for the free food buffet afterwards of pasta and salad.

Malden 10K Food

There was also a ton of coconut water and muscle milk for some serious refueling to go around.  We chatted, and ate, and chatted, as I awaited the results.

Malden 10K Awards

I was in complete and utter shock when I saw I had 2nd place female.  I could have sworn there were at least 2-3 girls in front of me at least within the first few miles but I guess I must had outran them towards the end.  If you’re wondering what I got, it’s a free pair of Sketchers Performance sneakers.  I’ll share pictures when I receive them.

Total Time : 42:37
Total Place –
Gender Place –

Overall, I feel pretty happy but I’m always happy when I run with friends.  Technically its only a 17 second PR. but I think the course runs a little long.  My garmin said 6.3 when I finished, and the wind was brutal.  I don’t know how, but with each turn, the wind was still against you.  All in all, I did over a minute faster than last year’s time of 43:56.  P.S. my first year that I ran, I did a 51:34!

Malden 10K Finish

The whole gang of amazing finishers! April, Liz,Ryan, crackhead, Tony, Adrienne, cheerleader Sara, Dan, Ana, Eugene.

5 thoughts on “2013 Malden Rotary Road Race 10K Race Recap”

  1. Great job! I’ve run races where I have to weave through the walkers in the shorter race. How frustrating it is! That’s a great PR, you’re really fast:)

  2. Fantastic pace! And way to go placing 2nd woman, too! Looks like a fun race… although I really dislike the 10k. 🙂

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