50 Miler Training Week 13 – Last Long Runs Til Boston

Yes, I know, you desperately miss week 11 and week 12 recaps.  They’re in draft form and at some point will be posted.  Life has been punching me in the face lately as my career that pays the race fees and cost of compression socks takes priority over my second love (first love knows who they are) of running and blogging about running. However, although busy I’ve still been doing many fabulous things during week 11 and 12 such as this and that of which completely transformed my runs this week.

While my ultimate goal in this year’s training cycle is the TARC 50 miler in June, I’ve had mini goals in between.  For example, the swim that was Hyannis marathon and now the up coming infamous Boston Marathon   The past week was my last round of high mileage before I start lowering the intensity for the next two weeks in anticipation of doing something glorious on Marathon Monday.

Monday – Delicious Rest

Tuesday – 15 miles (7 miles in the morning & 8 in the evening)
On Tuesday I still felt sore from my 6 hours run, but surprisingly one day off was enough to bounce me back into my normal training.  My morning jug was 7 miles alternating between 7.3 & 7.5 MPH for an average pace of 8:15 on incline 2.  In the evening I desperately wanted to run outside but the weather started to get windy and cloudy so I ran on my homemill.  I expected to be dead but pounded out 8 miles at 7:52 pace while watching Hart of Dixie which by the way is a cute show! Love Rachel Bilson.

Wednesday – 6.2 miles
My usual 6.2 miles on evil workmill at incline 3 felt almost meditative   Okay just kidding, I don’t think running will ever feel meditative; however, I did feel transformed.  Usually after 15 miles on Tuesdays, my Wednesday runs feel drained & forced but instead I felt energetic and would have kept going had it not been for the shortage of time. 53 minutes 8:34 pace.

Thursday – 5 miles
Speedwork, speedwork.  Running mile repeats, or in my case 1/3 mile repeats is painful.  It hurts and I want to puke up a lung or maybe both.  However, I also want to get faster so for the second week in a row, Thursday AM run was busting out some speed repeats.  Every time I wanted to quit and settle into a more comfortable pace, a song like Eye of the Tiger would pop on my Pandora and remind me just what I needed to do.  5 miles in 37 minutes 7:28 pace and all before work.  I had intentions of running after work but that didn’t happen =/.

Friday – 9 miles
I didn’t intend Friday to be anything but an easy few miles for the day in prep of my double long run weekend.  However, I’ve been having a rough week and the sleep deprivation (from mix reasons) was getting to me and so I took all the frustration and exhaustion and misplaced anger and completely took it all out into the run.  I ran my usual path with a mile or 2 added on at the fast speed I’ve ever been able to outside that wasn’t during a race.  My average pace was 7:29 for all of the 9 miles for a total of 67 minutes.  It even started raining on me mid-run  for a short bit, and while I may have felt a little cold, I kept running and by the end of it, I felt more normal, stable, sane and happy self again.  I also am starting to feel that if I could stomach a little more speed-work  I can get a better PR faster than just staying in my comfort zone.

Saturday – 11 miles
Trails and roads, trails and roads, the constant battle in my mind of taking on a challenge or taking it easy and putting myself on autopilot.  I get the roads, the worse thing they can do is get steep; trails however, can hurt you and hurt you in a mix number of ways!  One of which I always picture is cracking my pretty face on a jagged rock!  None the less, part of what I love about trails is the challenge   It allows me to take my running to a new challenging level without increasing my level of risk for injury like I would with the road.  Anyways, I ran about 7.7 miles on a trail with Tony that took 1hr 45 minutes where I’m pretty sure I turtle could have outran us.   Afterwards he came home and I went and got in a few road miles 3.3 to built my confidence back up.  I couldn’t fully build it up but I got 3.3 miles does at about 8:35 pace which is better than the 13 minutes + that was happening on an easy trail.  And when I got home, Tony had this little present ready for me:

mozeralla sandwich

Sunday – 20 miles

Last Long Run

I wanted to head out early but instead the comfort of my bed kept me in and I avoided running until 10:30.  I felt ashamed and guilty but I know rest is the best medicine.  This also made me cancel plans with friends but I wanted to take my last long run seriously   I debated which path to run in.  I can take the flat easy way but there’s potential for interruptions with stop lights or I can pick a more hilly area with a nice mix of gradual rolling hills.  The hills aren’t super steep but more gradual half milers that keep me on my toes.

In the end I went with the hilly area with no stop lights.  I had trouble for the first miles as my pace stuck around 8:45 but by mile 3 or 4 I was down into the 8:15 and then down to 8:10. I expected that when I reached a gradual hill for my pace to slow down but I was able to sustain the 8:10 with a mild effort. Things were looking good.  There was one challenge and that was that weather was in the 50s, sunny, and I was running without water.  Had I bought my handheld, I think I could have dipped into a faster pace with a harder effort, but I hate carrying things so I only have a small amount of regret.  I stopped running as soon as I reached 20 miles because at that point all I could think about was hydration!  Luckily I had an ice cold Nuun Lemon Tea waiting for me!  I thought about going back on the road but this little fellow distracted me!

Jacked Up Marathon

Yup, Jack is ready for the marathon too!

Total Miles – 66.2 Miles

Total Feelings – AWESOME! Aside from the struggle on the trail Saturday, the rest of my runs were spot on!  I’m exciting for Boston and now all I got to do is behave as I taper and pray to the weather gods.

One thought on “50 Miler Training Week 13 – Last Long Runs Til Boston”

  1. Now that I know what you do for a living I am even more impressed with your mileage right now. Almost 70 miles during tax season?! WOW. Huge kudos to you. I couldn’t do it. I get tired so easily and stressed out from work by itself. Training really is a part time job for some of us.

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