Things That Bring Sunshine To My Stormy Tax Season

I’m running less this week and it’s been making me crazy.  Truth be said I can be melodramatic and emotional and a run a day keeps me sane and bearable to others and myself.  I also over-stress myself by over-thinking and running is one of the few moments that my brain stays quiet and just tries to focus on not tripping. None the less as things are hectic, I am still a pretty lucky girl.  It might have taken me a few days to remember that but  overall things are good and here’s just a few things that have made me smile the past few weeks.

Yup, less than 10 days away!  I know I’m running less but I guess I should be tapering anyways.

I went to a one year anniversary for One Brick and entered a free raffle and won this new friend!  It was my day of winning after Malden 10K.

New shoes! Mizuno Ronin 4, my new racer flats and the old Gold Waverider 15s because even though they weight like half a pound more than the Waverider 16s I just can’t stop loving the color! Also, I run a lot, therefore, I go through shoes a lot and buying older model of a shoe helps me save some $$$ for other shiny things like compression socks instead!

5 Mile repeats at 6AM in the morning with my eyelids barely open!


I got to run with and meet Bart Yasso!! Yes, Yasso of the Yasso 800s! Marathon Sports, Mizuno & Runner’s World hosted a fun run and a promo for their new shoes: Waverider 16 and Evo Levitas.  Unfortunately they were out of my size of the waveriders so instead I tested the Evos.  I ran fine on it, but I have a very narrow foot and found the toe box to be a little clown shoes-esque for me.  It was driving me nuts and I don’t think I’ll ever run in those again.  I prefer my Ronin for a more minimalism shoe.  Bart was rocking the Evos though! After the run, we each got a FREE copy of My Life on the Run, Bart’s book that we got to autographed.  Can’t wait to read it page to page once I have more time.




Tell me things that made you happy this week!

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