Blog and Tweet Boston #GroupRun – April

Only the braver of the brave gathered at 10AM Saturday morning on a COLD WINDY April day.. I happened to join up with the tweeps of the Blog & Tweet Boston for a run on the Charles esplanade.

Tweet & Blog Boston Group Run

Photo courtesy of Jen – Others in the group Stacey, Luis, Elizabeth, HalleyKerrieElizabeth from Team Vega and the two girls from Wellness by the Water!

The run was short and about a mile long as I don’t know about others, but I was freezing.  When I woke up, I saw the weather report promising high of 48, except at 10AM, it was just barely above 30 and winds of 25MPH.  Needless to say that I was under dressed is an understatement.

After the short jog, Kendall in her nice warm looking parka led us in some pretty awesome stretches.  My favorite one was this rocking one that opens up your hips.  One day I’ll take some awkward photos and show you!  I’ve been doing it all weekend, and I don’t think my hips have every felt loser!

Kendall & Celeste as told us a little bit about Wellness by the Water, a day of yoga, spa and other fun things!  They even came with presents!  A goodie bag to add more teas to my closet sized collection.


Afterwards Elizabeth told us a little bit about Vega Sports protein powders and she came with presents too!  And also the most amazing protein balls ever.  I immediately ate like 10 in anticipation of my 15 miler (I take my prefueling seriously) & demanded the recipe.

Protein Balls

Vega Sport 1

I’ve been digging my Designer Whey protein powder, but am excited to mix in some hemp powder for those extra recovery days I’ll need after Boston but before SLC (just 4 days later).  52.4 miles, one week.  If I handle that, I know I’m ready for my 50 miler!

Vega Sport 2


Do you eat or drink anything after a hard workout?  I really struggle since my stomach doesn’t like anything after a run but I’ve been forcing myself to drink the protein waters.

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