2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy – Cash Donations

A lot of friends, family & readers have asked me if I know where they can donate to help the families and individuals killed and injured during Monday’s attack. A lot of the injuries are life altering (emotional and physically) where many of the injured individuals ended up losing a leg if not both.  There has been a ton of organized runs, walks and gatherings organized to show support.  Below I’m listing where you can make monetary contributions to help those who will need it.

One Fund – The city of Boston set up with the purpose of which is to raise money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that unfolded during Monday’s Boston Marathon.  I think most small general fundraisers will end up giving to this fund, so you can skip the middle man and donate directly.

Donations to specific individualsThese are the ones I know, if you know anyone else, please comment or email me and I will add as I can to the list.

Stoneham residents – Marc Fucarile, Jp Norden and Paul have a charity account at TD Bank. You can call, mail, or drop off a donation at any location. The name on the account is Marc, JP, and Paul Marathon Victim Fund. The account number is 8371871647. Donations can be mailed to TD Bank 280 Montvale Ave. Woburn MA 01801. More information from the Stoneham Patch article.

The Richard Family Fund – We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photo of 8 year old Martin holding his peace sign. A fund has been started for his sister and mother who were severely injured.

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran Recovery Fund – Both mother and daughter were severely injured from the bombings and are dealing with numerous surgeries.

The White Family Recovery – Three family members were severely injured and one has lost a limb.

Benefit For Bauman – Jeff was waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. He lost both of his legs, severe burns and suffered vision damage.

There’s other fundraisers where a part of the proceeds will go toward donations. BostonInno put a pretty good list together.

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