50 Miler Training Week 15, 16, 17 – Boston Marathon Taper, Double Marathon & Rest Week

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Week 15, 16, 17 of my 50 miler training are a little funky.  To be fair, I don’t really have a plan.  There’s just time before the race and day of the race and then who knows what I’ll do with my life?  Maybe learn to swim? Get a puppy? Probably just keep running.

My emotions and thoughts from the last three weeks of running are faded and forgotten (for the most part) and are instantly replaced with more recent recaps of this week’s runs.  None the less, the mileage recap drumroll”

Week 15 – Boston Marathon Taper Crazies

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 10.43 Miles 1 hr 38 min
Ran over 7 road miles at about 7:30 pace, first mile was 8, so I guess the rest were sub 7:30. Bumped into some trail animal friends and of course couldn’t resist running the trails with them. Did a few hill repeats and about 2 miles of trails. I guess trail miles were around 11-12 pace?

Wednesday – 6.4
Ran outside along the Charles for about 50 minutes

Thursday – 6.3
47 minutes, 7:27 pace & legs felt bouncy

Friday – NONE because it’s taper week!

Saturday – 4 miles
4 outside on the flattest road I know to pace myself.  Finished in 30 minutes with goal pace of 7:30 and felt great!

Sunday – 2 mile 15 minutes
Treadmill miles at goal pace 7:30 minute miles

Week 15 Miles -29 Miles

Week 15 Feelings – Felt awesome, the shorter distance were totally going to my head and making me dream of PRs

Week 16 – Marathon to Marathon

Monday – Boston Marathon
I finished in 3:26 and I have a detailed report of an emotional race, but it’s hard to write that up without thinking about what happened afterwards.  And honestly? I’m still dealing with it.  It hard to walk by the trinity church area without bursting into tears or freaking out every time I hear a loud noise outside or the fire alarm goes of or if I see a plane fly by (I work on a high floor of one of the tallest buildings in Boston).  I’ll get to it, because the actually race went great and I was filled with so many loved ones along each mile and that’s what the Boston Marathon (my home race) is all about for me and will continue to be for me even if I hate waking up at 6AM for a race that starts at 10:20AM.

Tuesday – 5.15 46 minutes
Ran on a flat road for about 46 minutes, had hopes of doing 8 miles but the legs were SORE and had enough after 5 miles.

Wednesday – Rest
Rested, foam rolled, and hugged my loved ones

Thursday – 4 miles
Started at marathon goal pace but struggled and ended in 31 minutes.  7:45 pace and felt tired.  No dreams of PR were coming my way on Saturday

Friday – Travel Rest Day
I wish flying was considered a workout, but I checked all my luggage so I can’t even really count it as strength other than a workout of patience.

Saturday – 26.2 Miles 3:56:54
I have my full recap of the race posted but all I can say is that I have never felt more happier with a sub 4 hour race.

Sunday – 4 Mile Hike
Bryce Canyon from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point

Total Miles – 69 
Total Feelings – I’m pooped, really contemplating the whole 50 miler idea and whether I can do it.  Feelings switch second by second.

Week 17 – Vacation Getaway & Hiking up canyons

When I travel I almost never get to run because I try to see & eat everything I can, literally.  I’m also usually with family, Tony, or friends who don’t see 4 hours of running as a great away to enjoy a vacation.  So instead I relax and go with the flow.  This week’s flow happened to be hiking,  So Luckily, I got some miles in while resting up from my running overdose.

Monday – 8.2 Mile Hike – Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon – Blog post to come

Tuesday – 10.5 Miles of hike – Watchman Trail, Angel’s Landing & Emerald Pools all at Zion National Park – Blog post to come eventually!

Wednesday – 10 Miles – Observation Point, Hidden Canyon, Weeping Rocky, backtracking on Observation point to find tony – AH-mazing photos and post to come

Thursday – 8 Miles – Mileage might be off by it was hiking in waist deep water.  Yes recap to follow.

Friday – 5 Miles Walk along Grand Canyon – It was hot, it was cold, leisure pace for many views.

Saturday – 3 Mile Walk – I don’t usually count walking but I think walking along the Vegas strip at night should be counted as a workout even if I was drinking a yardstick margarita .

Sunday – 5 Mile RUN! – I was happy to run again but sad that the gym was 80 degrees and I almost threw up!  Not a great way to return back to running.

Total Mileage – 49 Miles, Yes I’m counting walking since I only had 5 miles of running

Total Feelings – I miss running! I love hiking, maybe 50 miler is a great idea!

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