50 Miler – Week 18 Recap

Week 18… Over 4 months of working on my 50 miler goal and I still feel nervous.  I worry I haven’t spent enough time on my feet or trails.  I worry about the darkness, I worry a lot.  Sorry friends and family, but I have  less than 5 weeks left before the big night and I’ll probably be babbling about whether I think I can or can’t on an hourly occurrence.  Also I’m looking for recommendations on headlamps for the race.  Yea, you figure the girl whose planning on running 50 miles in the dark for the past half year would have one, nope, I was never a boy scout, I am never prepared.

Anyways week 18, a week after taking a full week off from running… My withdrawal symptoms did get a bit scary (day 5 is the worse) but coming back into the routine had a comfort that very few things could replace at the moment.

Monday – 2.62 Miles
It was in the hotel gym.  Running after sunbathing for an hour in the Vegas sun in a hot hotel gym, yea not smart.

Tuesday – 7 Miles – 61 Minutes
I was nervous after having two failed runs in the hotel gym after a week off. Luckily, I prefer to blame the weather.  Not that Tuesday was any better with 70 degrees in Boston.  However, even with 4 hours of sleep and heat, I got 8:42 pace.  I’ll call it a transition run?

Wednesday – 14 Miles 1 hr 54 min
I call this the getting my confidence back.  8:08 average pace which includes warm up and cool down.  Maybe the vacation didn’t kill all endurance.

Thursday – 6.2 Miles 55 min
Repetitive work gym run on incline 3

Friday – 6.2 Miles 55 min
Repetitive work gym run on incline 3, same as the day before

Saturday – 13.27 Miles 2hr 26min
I wanted to do 20 miles but I slept in until half my day was gone.  Damn being sick & jet-lag  11 min pace with 11+ trail miles in the Fells!  After spending a week in the dry canyon west, I was happy to return to my tree lined trails.  I wish I woke up early enough to meet up with TARC but those 8AM meet up are too far from me for me to ever make it on time.

Sunday – 20 Miles
My favorite running day of the week. 13 miles on the Quincy Half marathon (7:32 Pace) and 7 miles after eating a snack and changing an hour later.  The second run felt really difficult.  I do double runs regularly but I usually have several hours to recover in between.  My legs post race felt heavy but I knew I could do it, how else am I surviving 12 hours of running?  First 2 miles felt horrible, next 3 felt great,  but the last 2 I was glad to be over.  I stuck to an 8:30 pace but i as not going to run a mile more than 20.  So even though it took about .3 miles for the Garmin to sync, you bet you I counted those towards mileage!

Total mileage – 69

Total feelings – Happy to be running!

How did your week go?

One thought on “50 Miler – Week 18 Recap”

  1. Less than 5 weeks? Time will fly by! I know that you are nervous, that is normal. However, your training has freaking rocked. Your running base is so strong right now. From my perspective you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I know, easier to say to someone else than to tell ourselves that. 🙂

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