Running Races in the Rain, First Half Marathon Flashbacks

I’m running a race this Sunday, Run to Remember Half Marathon and guess what the weather is like?

It starts with gross and ends with miserable.

Weekend Weather

But worry not, I’m a pro by now.  If anything Hyannis, SLC, & Providence have though me is that a little rain or a lot of rain hasn’t killed me yet.  Although it did a pretty good number on me at Hyannis.

Half the distance should be easy, and I laugh at 20 MPH winds!  Or maybe I’m just crying from the tears of waking up at 5AM to run in the rain and wind at 7AM.

One word of advice I can give myself and possibly others. Don’t do this!

Cox Marathon

Aside from looking stupid in all your race photos, you will often wonder why you didn’t throw away the sweatshirt.  Fear of being cold? Concept of well I made this far in the race with it, why throw it away now? Maybe it’s a good luck sweat shirt? Yea, do yourself a favor and don’t even start with a sweatshirt.  Just shiver and jump around like the normal kids, or throw it away like the champs do it.

Hat on the other hand? Great idea! There’s something highly unpleasant about having rain and wind hit you in the face, at least the hat will block the rain.

Check out my other brilliant lessons from running in the rain on an older post.

I’ve been hoping for a PR this race since my last one was a year ago.  Although I haven’t been training for speed, I think I earned it… Yea I’m constantly thinking I deserve things I don’t work for.  It part of my charm.

Also Tony will be running this half with me.  That’s very special for me.  Why?

Because not only is Boston’s Run to Remember my first half marathon, but it was also Tony’s! We ran it together in 2011.

And then we limped together for a week straight.  Neither of us trained for it. My longest run was 9 miles and I thought how could I possibly ever run more.  Tony’s run was probably even shorter, but he’s a natural.  Clearly, I’m an idiot or a masochist since now 2 years later I training for the 50 miler in the dead of night in the woods.  Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me.  Don’t answer!

The first year I ran Run To Remember I ran 1:48:45

The second year I ran in 1:38:46

Clearly, I’m destined to run a 1:28:45 and qualify for the NYC marathon, because that’s one robbery lottery I probably won’t ever win.

Okay regardless, PR or no PR (although I really hope for a magical PR) I’m excited to run one of my favorite races through my favorite city with my favorite people!

Even if it is a 7AM….

Jack Meower

Anyways tell me about your weekend plans? I know a of people got races!  Are you running Run to Remember? How’s your weather looking?

7 thoughts on “Running Races in the Rain, First Half Marathon Flashbacks”

  1. Oy, I also sogged/froze through Hyannis and will be ready to run between the raindrops at Run to Remember on Sunday too! Have a blast!

  2. “Don’t do this”, I will take your advice. Ah, the Boston Half last year was awesome, it would’ve been a great rain race this time around. I felt the same way about the NYC marathon lottery, which is why I did the whole charity thing last year.

  3. Good luck in your race. Hopefully the rain will be light and just be enough to cool you down. A hat is definitely a great idea.

    I once ran the LA Marathon in pouring 40 degree rain. My husband was smart enough to turn around at mile 5, but a girlfriend and I ran the whole thing, IN OUR GARBAGE BAGS (!!!). Talk about bad race photos (though I’m kind of proud of our post finish picture together). I also had a throwaway sweatshirt under the bag that never got thrown away (because that would have entailed taking off the bag). By the time I was done it weighed about 5 pounds and was probably the biggest cause of the hypothermia that sent sparks down my arms. Sorry long rambling story, but your post made me think of it 🙂

  4. Good luck this weekend. I am not racing- still semi in a recovery mode. I plan on going to crossfit tomorrow and then attempting a 5 miler on Sunday with my crossfit peeps. It will be slow and it will be fun. I got some new running reads this weekend to jump into- all about incorporating crossfit endurance with running. I am such a nerd and so excited to read them! 🙂

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