Celebrating National Running Day & Marathon Coupon Codes

What’s my favorite holiday?  I would like to say 4th for July since I don’t have to work, it’s usually warm and most of the time I get a 4 day weekend!  Plus there are fireworks and lots of food.  No my favorite day comes a month earlier on National Running Day!

How to celebrate National Running Day?

1. Go Running! Go in the morning, go during lunch or after work! Or at all three times if you’re like me.  Go for a mile or 5 or 10!

2. Sign up for a Race This is the one day a year where the two largest marathon/half marathon companies offer the biggest discount on race fees.

This US Road Sports flier summarizes their sales.  I’ve only done the SLC marathon and you can read my recap.  It was a well put together course and a medium size race.  I’m thinking of signing up for Georgia for 2014.

US Running Discount

Competitor group which does the Rock n Roll races has it’s own discount as well.  $20 off any race.  They have a full summary up on their site.  I’m heavily leaning towards New Orleans in February since I’ve been wanting to visit for a while.  Be warned though, Rock n Roll races are huge events.  Although the full marathon may only have 4,000 runners the half marathon may have over 30,000.  You will feel slightly like a flock of sheep for the first 13 miles.  Despite the size, the races I’ve run such as the RnR USA DC marathon, one of my favorites, are very well-organized.

Or better yet sign up for a small local trail race.  The TARC fall classic races are usually about $25 with fees or $35 for the Bear Brook Trail Marathon.  

3. Treat Yourself Some Running Gear – Been eyeing a pair of compression socks, or arm sleeves or a running skirt.  Check the site, they might be running a sale or two today to celebrate running.

How are you celebrating National Running Day?

Know of any good running sales or codes today?

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