ABCs of ME!

I haven’t done one of these since back in my LiveJournal days in high school.  Thought this might be fun for you to get to know me!  Plus, it’s better than my post where I freak out how slow of a swimmer I am that I was going to post instead today.

A. Attached or Single 

And three years later we have a beautiful baby (he’ll always be my baby) cat and a house with too many old house problems.

BBest Friend 

Yup and all the fabulous guys and gals that are in my life.  I am truly blessed with many great friends.

C. Cake or Pie Neither

I prefer cookies or brownies and if I’m lucky, I lump them together into a burger.

D. Day of Choice Any day I am on vacation and hiking/running somewhere crazy

Half Dome, Yosemite

E. Essential Item

Mizuno waverider running shoes.  I’ll simple perish if my babies are not within sight.

F. Favorite color  

Anything bright and annoying.  Just because I’m too sleepy to open my eyes doesn’t mean I shouldn’t shock you with the brightness!

raninbow liana

G. Gummy bears or worms  

Worms!! And Sour! So very sour.

Sour Worms

H. Hometown  BROOKLYN

Seriously, you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but not the Brooklyn out of the girl.

Me and the fam on the boardwalk of Bright Beach

I. Favorite Indulgence  

Burger & sweet potato fries from bgood.  I don’t eat out often and I definitely don’t go to fast food, but sometimes I need a guilty pleasure

J. January or July 

Ahhh… a mild winter January.  I love the long days but I can’t take the heat!

K. Kids

Do furry ones count?

L. Life isn’t complete without  Friends, family, chocolate, whiskey and cats

M. Marriage date 

No I won’t take your hand and marry the state!

N. Number of brothers/sisters 1 younger brother 

O. Oranges or Apples  

Apples, I hate food that takes effort to eat, peeling an orange is effort.

P. Phobias  Hiking down ravines, running downhill, anything downhill.  I’m like a cat, I can climb up the tree but I need a firefighter to get me down.

Slowly making my way down Angel’s landing in Zion. Thank god for the railing!

Q. Quotes 
“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” ~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Player Piano

R. Reasons to smile

Scuba diving! I’m long overdue for a trip.  Anyone want to take me to Turks & Caicos?

S. Season of choice  Spring! I used to love the fall, but not I work long hours and days so SPRING!

Flowers from Boston Public Garden

TTag 5 People. PASS.  This tagging people part always stressed me out

U. Unknown fact about me 
I hoard food and snacks like a grandma.  I am currently addicted to candy crash. I add salt to my salted peanut butter.  The big one? I’m 26, have my license and yet I don’t know how to drive.

V. Vegetable Baby Spinach

W. Worst habit I pick and bite my nails.

X. Xray or Ultrasound ??? Um I prefer neither!

Y. Your favorite food Pretzels! Is that a food or snack? Nachos?  Can I count that as food?

ZZodiac sign Scopio!  Yup, I’m scary


Anything you were surprised to learn?
Pick one letter and answer it yourself in the comments below

5 thoughts on “ABCs of ME!”

  1. My mizunos are about done. i need a new pair. whaa! I love them too. You know they have an IG contest going on. 😉

    and i wanna know, Half dome a must? ya or nay or just too darn crowded. 😉

  2. I am a scorpio too and so is my husband. Now that is scary! I used to pick at my nails, but somehow I have managed to outgrow that. I love cookies too, but I also love cake and pie. I think I just love sweets in general. My life wouldn’t be complete without my dogs (furbabies DO count), beer & wine. Sheesh, I sound like an alcoholic. 🙂

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