White Mountains Weekend – Waterfalls Fun!

After basking ourselves in displays of fireworks.  Tony and I woke up early to drive to NH on Friday.  Our main goal was to hike Mount Washington and just see what the White Mountains had to offer. Based on a friend’s recommendation we stayed at White Birches Campground.  The campsites were pretty spacious with very far bathrooms which is nice to be peaceful but if you wake up at 4AM, its peeing behind the tent for you!

Speaking of which! Check out my shiny new tent I brought for the TARC 50 miler that I ended up not using because after swimming in 25 miles of mud, I decided I earned my bed.

Of course the first thing I wanted to do was run up this hill we drove by.

The second thing I wanted to do was run this rail trail or at least bike it.  Alas, I did not bring my dinky bike.

We did pick up a lunch before our White Mountain experience started.

Yup SUBWAY.  I think with all my extra spinach and peppers, I almost made it worth 5 bucks.  Although it was weird to see all the usual chain fast food places in the White Mountains.  When Tony and I drove through southern Utah, there was barely any place at all.

Anyways we asked one of the ranger stations for some hike recommendations.  Unlike, my other trips, I did not buy a White Mountains book or research endlessly.  Although, I really wish I did.  I’m not a wing it kinda girl!

The first hike we did was called the Falls.   It passes four waterfalls fed by two mountain streams that drain waters from Mount Adams and Mountain Madison.  We only saw 3, so maybe we didn’t go far enough on the trail.  I got stuck at a crossing I didn’t want to fall into so we turned around.

Gordon Falls, which was probably the best out of the three we saw

The next were Salroc Falls which is broken up into two parts.

Lower? Salroc Falls

We passed by lots of slugs and mushrooms and beautiful greenery!

Slugs deserve love too!

The last falls we got to see on this hike was Gordon Falls

Tama Falls

We didn’t see the rest of the trail because we either a. lost it or b. it involved crossing Gordon Falls and after getting my feet wet and almost get swiped off into the water, I decided it was easier to turn around.

Tony hoped the rocks to cross, I got scared and gave up.

However, I made a new friend on our return.

3 thoughts on “White Mountains Weekend – Waterfalls Fun!”

  1. I so wish we had trails like this in southern california. with slugs n frogs n mushrooms (no fairies?). so pretty! our trails are a bit more on the dry side. unless you can make it up to the northern part of the state.

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