(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I love seeing deer less than 10 miles away from Boston
Why am I posting a salad? Because I grew this in my cinderblock garden!
My new favorite ice cream, caramel pretzel! And yes, a pint is a single serving!
Bacon donuts. Why? Why not?
Wounded donut soldiers. What was left in the kitchen after the rapture.
Pool party eats
Malden Farmer Market Finds!
Have you met our other cat Brody? He’s a little more shy but I think he looks like Simba.
Spanish Omelette from Vic’s waffle house I went to after my Triathlon
Don’t worry I got a waffle too. Whole grain with vanilla yogurt, granola and banana. So good, I hate half before I could take a non-blurry photo
Jack and I played a game. Every time he would try to scratch the yoga mat, I would spray him. The bottle was half empty before he lost interest.
My current addiction while I am not exercising this week and try to heal my stupid leg.



9 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I’m loving the trend of sweet + salty food right now. Bacon Donuts, caramel pretzel etc. I could totally see myself wanting to take a picture of my food and not getting around to it till it was half-gone too!

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