Training towards… (nothing) Week Recap

Don’t worry this training week recap will be short and not too sweet. After waking up Monday and barely being able to walk from the pain in my left adductor, I decieded it was finally time for a rest day or two. Instead of taking my runch at noon I decided it was wiser to proceed n earning my degree in WebMD from Dr. Google and diagnosed myself with death and being unable to walk or run because I like to assume the worse.

Monday – Nothing

Tuesday – Nothing

Wednesday – 10 Miles

I started feeling better on Tuesday.  It hurt but I could walk again! Wednesday, I barely felt any pain so I decided it was time for a run.  It came with great success.  8 miles at lunch at sub 8 minutes on incline 2. I did 2 more after work but it was something like 9700 degrees outside, so I thought my basement would be refuge. Instead it was only 8700 degrees there with no AC so 2 miles was good enough for me.

Thursday – 10 miles

7 miles on incline 3 at 8:25 pace and about 3 miles after work at incline 2

Friday – 1,000 yds swim

I had motivation to try to swim a new distance PR but the pool got crowded and my shoulder hurt so I stopped after half an hour.

Saturday – Nothing

Sunday – Narragansett Half Marathon! 13.1 Mile Run

It was hot, I didn’t run my fastest or slowest but full recap to come!



I need motivation! Tell me how your training week went!

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