(Almost) Wordless Wednesday & National Sand Sculpting Festival Revere Beach

Let make this a weekly gathering of photos from last week! I hope it’s as fun for you as it is for me 😉  Or you can follow me on Instagram Unvalidated for even more treasures!

Why I love Boston, 10 minute walk from my office is the Charles

Back to the Weekend –

National Sand Sculpting Festival Revere Beach – Some of my favorites!

The real reason I came to Revere beach was because I really wanted to finally try Kelly’s Roast Beef (the original).  I heard the Lobster rolls are good too.

The festival also brought in ton of Food Trucks, so food had too many delicious options and samples!

After my half marathon, the brother and I took a trip to Kimball Farms

They had an all you can eat ice cream bar, where I tried my best to really eat all I can.

Some photos deserve close-ups
I tried my hand at a driving ranch
But later decided that mini golf is more my style!

On Friday night, I went to check out a movie at the Hatchshell on the Charles.  It was in the 90s even at night, which made it for a very chillin’ picnic while “Wreck it Ralph” played.

Our picnic had everything, pasta salad to real salad, to cookies, to humus, to chips and movie candy
Our two cats started to bound
But first Jack had to lay a smackdown
Giant coffee mugs, not just for Coffee anymore
You know those moments you’re so hungry, you can’t hold your hands still to take a photo? Yea, Turkey tips from Papa’s Bar and Grill – Malden’s finest!

And best for last!

Yup dancing my legs sore on Saturday night just before my race to the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.  One of the final acts in Boston’s Outside the Box Festival.


Your turn! Share a fun moment from your past week!



8 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday & National Sand Sculpting Festival Revere Beach”

  1. ssooooo cool!!! We used to watch some sand castle show on Discovery because well my husband watches everything on that channel and it was awesome. I think there might be one near us in florida later this year so I want to go!

  2. Golf’s a amazing game, shame I don’t get as much free time to play as I used to. Still find plenty of time to watch it though! – Gearon

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