NYC Marathon Training Week 1 – Worst and best training runs I’ve ever had

Okay, I decided my goal of training to get me through my work busy schedule and the Fall will be NYC marathon! I’ll go more into this on a different post but for now here’s a recap of my week.

Rest day

10 Miles of running and Jillian Michael’s 6 week 6 pack.

It’s weird, I consider myself in great shape, however, I don’t do core, or strength, and I was suffering through the whole video while doing the modified easy poses! Afterwards, I kinda laid on the floor and wondered what I did with my life or more just my strength. Back in 2008, I used to able to go through 3 of these videos back to back. But I also couldn’t run a mile back then either.

8 Mile run where I tried really hard to get my pace to a tempo pace, but failed. I ran at incline 2, and really tried to focus without losing form. Switched between 7.5MPH & 7.8MPH every 60-90 seconds depending on mood. This got me to 7 miles in 55 minutes or 7:51 average pace. 9 minute cool down mile. I know that between now and NY, I really should get this tempo run going if I hope to get faster. They’re painful and a lot less fun than cruising.

2 Mile run in the evening to warm up for my Jillian Michael video. I started at 9 minute pace and sped up until 7 or so for an average 8 minute miles.

1,000 yds swimming in the morning. I’m playing around with AM swims to try to get there before those who are swimming in night gowns and floaties come to the Y. Sadly, pool was only a little less packed in the morning. Anyways, I did my first swim “workout.” 300 yds warm up, 5 x 100 yds sprints, 200 yds cool down. During my warm up and cool down, I went super slow and tried to focus on form and turning my hips, while the sprints I just swam as fast as possible, keeping my heart rate up.

In the evening, I went out for what was going to be a 5 mile run, but it turned into 10 miles! It was a beautiful, crisp evening, where everything felt great. I wasn’t feeling fast, but since the weather went down a bit, I felt like I could breath again. Before I knew it, I was wrapping up 10 miles, around 8:28 pace.

6.5 Mile run

45 Minute Spin

The weather in Boston continued to stay cool, so of course, I just couldn’t resist! I was going to be taking my first spin class in the evening and should have saved my legs but the weather was too tempting.

So during lunch, I took my extra gym clothes, and went for a short run on the Charles. I’m about half a mile run from the path, so even with the slow mile of running between tourists and stop lights, my average came to 7:30. For me, on a training run, that’s fast. I don’t have the mental strength to push myself unless I’m racing and that’s something I’m working on. Technically, I should be doing 7 minute miles for tempo, but I’ll take the 7:15 minute miles I held for about 5 miles. I’m hoping to get some more miles on the Charles for tempo lunch time runs. Hopefully, it’ll stay cool!

This was probably my strongest or best training run I ever had!

And in the evening, I got to attend a Yelp Elite event at Equinox where I previewed a spin class. I’m not sure I can get into Spin, the concept of fake hills seems a little weird, when I wish I could be biking up real hills, but I guess when you can’t do that, Spin is the next best thing.

Also, I don’t know what 80% or 50% effort is. I do distance and endurance, this whole sprinting concept, I don’t know what that means. I wish I had targets to hit vs. trying to decide what my perceived effort is. That drove me nuts. I don’t know if I should push myself with resistance or speed!

I expected to be sore, but I actually felt great. I wanted to run more miles, but I know going from 30 miles a week to 80, would be stupid even for me. I kept it short with 4 quick inline 2 miles at 7:55 pace. I wanted to run further and faster after having a great Wednesday and Thursday run, I told myself to calm down and save it for the weekend.

Unplanned rest day because I woke up too late. Eating and seeing family like a boss… because dealing with family is a work out of its own.

I’m sad to say I ended the week with what thus far is the worst training run to date. I did a few stupid things. I didn’t eat dinner because I had a late giant family gathering that was a late lunch/early dinner. I didn’t hydrate well, woke up thirsty, didn’t drink much water and didn’t take a water bottle with me. I did eat breakfast, some toast, but the lack of water before my run, no water on my run and 85% humidity made me almost have a heart attack.

Started the run with 5, 8 minute miles on a flat running path. My pace quickly dwindled down to 8:30 minute miles for the next 5 to the point where I thought if I kept running, I would die. I would have called for a ride home but my phone was dead and I ended up walking/jogging all the way back home for 3 more miles. It was pretty pathetic, where I was telling myself okay jog 1 minute, walk 3, jog 1 and you can sit down on the next bench.

Yea kids, don’t mess around with hydration, even if its a cool 70 degrees outside. Actually just don’t mess around with humidity.

Bad runs happen, as awful as I felt physically, I was okay with it mentally. I’ve had bad runs, maybe not as bad as this one, but I always come back with a stronger run the next day. As awful as I felt, I just kept looking forward to Monday, when I knew I would be coming back with a vengeance.

Total Miles – 43.5

Total Feelings – Determination... summer is long from being over, but I am determined to kick start my marathon training for the fall.



How did your weekend go?

2 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week 1 – Worst and best training runs I’ve ever had”

  1. Sorry you had a tough run. When it is hot I try to run with my handheld if it is possible. Yesterday I forget it at home and decided to run from work to crossfit and back so I just grabbed a water bottle from the employee back room. It was awkward to run with, but I was glad to have it.

    Did you love the spin class? I love spin, but it is even better when you have an awesome instructor.

    JM, she is no joke! Every time she gets me!

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