Throwback Thursday

I don’t have a real post other than a reminder to eat your veggies and go food shopping. I’m realizing that unlike high school & college, I don’t survive well on frozen food.  I’ve been low on energy and lack of good food is to blame.  But worry not, I finally got our fridge restocked just in time for the weekend!

My roommate and I were talking about teenagers and how they dress these days. It went something along the lines of “tisk tisk kids these days…” then I started thinking about my teenage years.  I miss them!

Jelly bracelets for the win?

And that one time I tried to dye my hair red and it turned to orange. That was fun!

O and wearing XL t-shirts… yea totally cool.

And my cat growing up was Rijik (may he RIP). He helped me cheat in monopoly and loved converse shoes.


Throwback share! Tell me something about your High School years!

One thought on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Great HS pictures! I am petrified to go through mine. I definitely made some interesting fashion statements during that time of my life. I always wonder what my parents thought and why they didn’t try to stop me.

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