(Almost) wordless Wednesday – Sorrelina Boston Dinner

We went to dinner at Sorrelina’s for a friend’s birthday dinner and it was amazing!

I got dressy

Steak tar tar for app…

Best salmon dish ever! Tony liked it and the poor boy hates salmon.

Veal ordered by the boys. So good it could almost be an abortion (bad joke I know it, but it’s what it looked like to me).

Best part of the meal… chocolate lava like cake with ice cream! OMG! OMG! Very few things are better in life.

It was also Tony’s birthday! He hates this photo, but he doesn’t read my blog bwahaha so I am sharing.

What happens when you get a bunch of trail runners together for a run! A picnic!

Jack’s new bed!

Photo of Copley on Tuesdays when they have the farmer’s market. My favorite is Atlas Farms. They are in Copley every Tuesday & Friday. They’re organic, the produce is beautiful and so reasonably priced you wouldn’t even know it was organic!


Do you ever go to farmer markets? What’s your favorite? Or are you lucky enough to live near a farm?

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