Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Giveaway

As much as I complain about the hot weather, I don’t want summer to be over. I will never love the 90 degree heat waves and humidity, but I love summer nights. I love being able to go for a run after work, better yet a long run and still have time to sit on my porch and watch the sunset. Now as I start to wrap my runs up 7:30/8PM due to darkness, its dawning on me, summer is coming to an end. We might have another heat wave like this week, but the days are getting shorter and shorter. If I wake up early, it’s still dark.

Although the summer season isn’t over until September 21st, we know that in our hearts it ends after labor day. At least in my heart, when the city once again refills with eager college young-ins that make me miss the careless days! My busy season at work also starts but that’s a whine for another day.

Instead, I will live in the August, in the summer and enjoy my next two weeks. Enjoy the early sunrise and late sunsets while I can. And all the frozen treats my brain can take. Which is why I’m so excited to bring you my current giveaway.

When I finished my half marathon at the Narragansett Running festival, I bypassed the medals, the water and ran straight towards this truck.

Yasso Van

No, at the point I have never heard of Yasso but I love Greek yogurt, I love frozen bars and the best price of free could not be beat. Besides, I can just grab my medal later!

And of course I was instantly hooked! I later learned it was a local Massachusetts company started by Amanda & Drew only a few years ago. After learning that they were local, I got in touch with Yasso to host a giveaway for my readers because as much as I love talking about myself, I love sharing products and brands I love even more, especially anything local to me. They in return gave me three boxes of Yasso frozen Greek yogurts where I tried my new favorite flavor and because the folks at Yasso are so awesome, I get to give one of you three boxes to try! The blueberry and coconut are a must from my prospective!


They are low-calorie (only 80) but come packed with flavor! I wasn’t able to find them at stop & shop near me but I’ve seen them at every Wholefoods. You can check their website for store locations.

To find out more about Yasso check out their website, facebook or twitter!

The giveaway will run from now until midnight on August 24, 2013. You can enter by telling me which flavor you are most excited to try. Bonus entries for following me on other medias.

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37 thoughts on “Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Giveaway”

  1. Isn’t it funny when we complain about the heat and how we cannot wait for the cold and then when it’s cold we cannot wait for the heat. lol. I wish it could just be 65 degrees ALL the time, ha ah! 😉

    These bars look delish! Sadly I cannot eat dairy or sugar 😦

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