NYC Marathon Training Week 5 – Skipping the Long Run

Last week, it happened. I didn’t want to but I had to. I skipped my long run. Luckily it wasn’t due to injury but due to fun! So the belated weekly recap!

Monday – 8 Miles
Outside for an average 7:49 pace. I was surprised and happy that I was able to get back into running after the 50K. I started out slow around 9 minutes because I still felt tired but somehow I just got completed zoned out into my run.

Tuesday – 7 Miles
Average 8:08 pace on Incline 3.  Started at 7.1MPH and did pyramids up to 7.6MPH and back down. For the first time in a while I didn’t take an 10 second walk breaks like I usually do. According to a chart my 7 milers at incline 3 are 1,108 feet of elevation gain.

Wednesday – 8 Miles + 2,000 yds swim
Incline 2, 7:44, 8 bitter cranky miles later, I felt more like a human. I also went swimming at night. The pool was mostly empty and for most of my swim I had the lane to myself. A woman decided to practice her backstroke in my lane but quickly changed her mind after she realized I’m swimming laps since you know I was in a lap lane to begin with. I reached a new distance in swimming for an hour or so. I did a few 500yds and then a few 200yds swim.

Thursday 15 Miles
I tried to do my long run on Thursday. I got home, changed in seconds and ran out. Sure it was a hot and humid day but I was determined to be cool and get it done. I got 13.1 miles in a sub 8 minute. 10 miles in 7:52 pace but afterwards I just couldn’t hold the speed even on a decline. It was 81 degrees when I started and humid but cooled off relatively well through the run. I mostly stayed in a shaded trail with pavement. Medford or maybe that’s Malden decided to tear up both sides of sidewalk around a rotary to further try to kill me. That my friends, I did not appreciate. As the sun peaced out and darkness took over, I decided to take pride in my good 15 miles and call it a night because I was tired, hungry, rather than slug out 5 more in misery to reach the infamous 20 miler.

Friday 12 Miles
Two runs because I wanted to reach 50 miles before I left for the weekend. 7.5 miles on the Charles for a flat 8:43 pace. After I got home, I debated about pushing myself through 4.5 more but I wanted to reach 50 for the week. I told myself I could just wake up early on Saturday and run them but I had to be honest with myself. Waking up early to run is not my strong suit. So I got dressed, made dinner and went for an easy neighborhood jog. I ended up picking up my pace to 8:06 for some strange reason but I figured I’ll have two days from running to rest up on.

Saturday – Waterfall repelling
Wasn’t what I would consider a workout but my heart was racing from fear.

Sunday – Hiked Mount Washington
8.3 Miles round trip that took us a little over 6 hours to do with 4,250 elevation gain on rugged boulder terrain that has left my body and quads useless all week. Was it worth it? Yes. Have I been whining all week? Yes.

Total Miles 50 (not counting the hike)

Total Feelings – Great until I hiked. I’m still wobbling four days later!

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