NYC Marathon Training Week 8 – Marathons & Morning Runs

This will be short since due to work schedule/too much computer time I’m not really blogging for the next 2-3 weeks. However, I’m still active (if not more) on facebook & twitter so come join me!.

Monday Rest

Tuesday 14.3 Miles

8 miles 07:52 pace which was slower than I was going for on my usual path. I felt sluggish after 5 miles so maybe I started out too fast. Since my morning didn’t go into the tempo (or even close) zone like I’d hope, I tried for some evening speedwork on my homemill. About 6.3 miles in 40 minutes. 5K in 22:46, 5 mile in 37:16 and cool down of 1.3 miles because I just couldn’t keep going. Average pace ended up at being at 7:42 and the treadmill like my usual was set to incline 3.

Wednesday 7.2 Miles + 500 Yds swim

Continued my love/hate with the 6AM run. Unfortunately my legs felt like molasis after Tuesday’s evening speed work. Shuffled my way through 7.2 miles at 8:18 pace on my flat/easy path.

Had an extra 15 minutes before my swim seminar (I can’t call it class since I barely swim a lap). Got through a slow and sloppy 10 laps.

Thursday 8.5 Miles

I felt a little better by Thursday and got through 8.5 miles in 7:45 pace on the Charles river path which includes warm/cool down aka stop lights & people.

Friday & Saturday

I was too busy to find time for a run on Friday and since we were running a marathon on Sunday, I took Saturday off to explore via driving the Adirondacks.

Sunday Adirondack Marathon!

This was more Tony’s race than mine since I ran with him. It was his first marathon and with barely two 20 milers on his belt, we crossed the finish line in under 4:30. And keep in mind this course was a constant battle of rolling hills! I’m hoping to get him to either write or Vlog a recap of his first marathon!

NYC Marathon Training Week 7 – 100 Mile week!

Back when I was training for my 50 miler, I always pictured that eventually I would do it, hit 100 miles in a week!  But that day never came until now.

Okay so maybe the’re not all running miles, but a mile sweated is a mile done!

Monday – Swam 2,000 yds
No game plan, just kept swimming for about an hour.  It’s always such a drag beyond a drag to get myself to the pool and the walk back home sucks. Or that one time I went swimming and our oil ran out so we had no hot water and I had to wash my hair from chlorine in freezing water. That sucked. The showers at the Y suck and there’s basically nothing pleasant about the act of going to the pool or walking back home from the pool. However, when I’m in the said pool, there’s a serene and peaceful state of mind that I cannot describe. I swim gently and slowly and the water feels like a massage to my muscles.

Tuesday – 8 Miles
The downside of my Monday swim was that I got water in my ear and spent the whole night freaking out about it. At 3 am I woke up and by 5AM I gave up sleeping. After running out of things on the internet and seeing daylight, my insomnia ridden feet found themselves in running shoes. I was out the door and sweated through 8 miles around 7:45. I got some drops for my ear afterwards that fixed everything. Seriously, I spent the whole night convincing myself I’m going deaf when I could have just went to the 24 hour CVS instead.

Wednesday – 13 Miles
8 miles in the morning incline 2 at about 7:52 pace and 5 miles later in the evening at 8:06 pace.

Thursday – 11 Miles
Ran outside after work. My pace while I had daylight was around 8 minute and then slowed downed as it got dark and I was trying to avoid tripping over cracked ghetto sidewalks. Ran through flat streets and avoiding any potential for a hill.

Friday – 3.1 Miles
Was short on time but the best cure to a migraine is 20 minutes of hard running. Total time running about 23 minutes for an 7:20 pace.

Saturday – 50 Miles Bike ride!
I went from 10 miles to 30 miles to 50 miles with nothing in between. It wasn’t a glorious ride and it took me over 4 hours on a mostly flat paved rail trail but at the end of the day I felt pretty proud of myself. The last 10 miles I thought I was going to die when I was biking 12MPH which felt like I pushing 30MPH. I want to get to the point where biking for 4 hours feels as easy as running but I’m far from it. We consumed Hammer gels on the ride. The mountain berry one is so tasty!

Sunday 15.1 Miles
Went back to Provincelands in Ptown and instead of biking, we ran the super curvy & hilly bike pathh

Total Miles – 50 running

Total Feeling – I felt like I could have run a 20 miler instead of a 15 miler but I didn’t want to abandon my travel companion for a few extra miles.  Also the sun setting so early now is a total downer.

NYC Marathon Training Week 6 – I’m running again!!!

I’m glad to report that I can finally post about running! Yup, I got back to higher mileage this week and although I had a few, okay several crappy runs, they did start to get better. I’m learning that 70s are still too hot for me to run in. I prefer 50s and 60s and as much as I feel cold at night, fall is my favorite running season.

Monday – Rest – Because it was labor day and I wanted to eat and play instead of run

Tuesday – 10.35 Miles
Legs felt heavy and burdensome, it got dark too early, or maybe I just couldn’t run fast enough. Either way a disappointment after resting for 4 days. 8:41 pace.

Wednesday -10.4 Miles
8.4 miles around the Charles average pace of 8:48 left in a very cranky and disappointed mood. I felt that after 4 days off last weekend, I have lost my complete ability to run at my prior speed. I came home and decided I wanted to force some speed into my legs. I got on my treadmill and did two miles of sprints in the evening at an average pace of 7:13. It was only 2 miles, but I felt a little better.

Thursday – 10.25 Miles
7 miles on incline 3 at 8:22 pace. 3.25 miles in the evening at almost sprinting pace of 7:25

Friday – 5 Miles
I forgot to log this run so I don’t remember the exact time but I think around 8:04 pace on a very easy flat  loop I do around the house.

Saturday – 10.30 Miles
I ran about 6 miles with Tony. He’s training for his marathon and was pacing himself at 9 minutes. I have to confess I was being an awful running buddy and kept pushing the speed more than I should have. After we stopped by home since T-dawg was saving his legs for the big 20 on Sunday, I ran a few little rolling hill repeats for my last 4 miles. Average pace came to 8:44 pace. I didn’t check my splits but I’m assuming my solo miles were closer in the 8:15 range?

Sunday – 22.20 Miles

I came along to Tony’s 20 miler. His pace was 10 minute miles and we stuck to that for the first 7 miles. Afterwards I separate from him for about 8 miles on my own and then joined up for final 7 at his pace. We ran for about 3 hours and 30 minutes with a few water breaks since the temps hit 75 and the sun showed no mercy!

Total Miles – 69 miles

Total Feelings – Feel good about my running but disappointed I didn’t get myself to the pool once!

A few hours in Provincetown at the Cape

Last weekend, after having our tent turned into a sunken boat, we packed up our gear and decided to cut our trip short. However, we still had all of Sunday we didn’t want to waste. It was a tad bit (okay a lot rainy) but there was promise for some sky light later in the day.

Yup if I’m camping, there will a severe thunderstorm at 3AM that convinces me that a tree might fall on me.

The drive from Nickerson State Park (mid-cape) to Provincetown is about 40 minutes. When we got there, it was still raining so we just drove around and looked at what was there. We both agreed that we must come back there with our bikes. They have a beautiful 8 miles of biking roads through sand dunes! It was very cool, but I was too busy staring to take photos.

Most of the businesses and activity is on Commercial street. There whether it’s rain or shine, you’ll see a mix of tourists and residents roaming around. If its a beautiful day, everyone will be on bikes and heading to the beach. If there’s one thing you have options on besides art galleries or lobster roll joints, is beaches!

After driving around, the weather cleared up so we decided it was time for a walk. We sucked it up and paid for parking rather than drive around in circles. The first stop we did was for coffee and some fried sugary goodness.

It may not be clean, but I run on fried baked goods and sugar! A malasada from Provincetown Portuguese Bakery.

After refueling ourselves we continued walking down Commercial street until we reached Breakwater. A 2 mile or so walkway of boulders and such that leads to something.  I was curious and although I had fear of falling into a crack like this bird, I pushed on.

I tried to ask Tony to help, but he told me I needed to stop being a pansy and learn to trust my balance. Nothing like honesty in exchange for love.

It’s okay, I found comfort in more birds. Like this bird that looks like a griffin!

or this guy

As you cross the rocks, you have an amazing skyline view of the town center and tower.

And on the other side is a beautiful beach, sand dunes and a path to a lighthouse.

I wish we had more time to sit at this almost exclusive beach. I’m never a big fan of swimming in oceans but i love watching the waves.

We walked backed and I was surprised by how much easier it was to hike back than to hike there.

It took me 1/3rd the time to walk back to main land!

And of course my price for making it through the hike?

A lobster rolls and a cold one!

Free Self Defense Classes in Boston

A friend passed me this information so I wanted to get the word out as much as possible!

Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women will launch a personal safety initiative for women throughout the Boston area that will include a series of 19 complimentary self-defense training sessions in 11 locations, for the public during September and October.

Demand for such trainings surged following the tragic events of July 23rd, when valued Healthworks member Amy Lord was kidnapped and killed. Healthworks aims to honor Amy and all women affected by violence by offering free community trainings to arm individuals with tools to protect themselves against violence.

In partnership with the Boston Centers for Youth & Families, The Boston and Brookline Police Departments, and IMPACT, a unique personal safety and self-defense curriculum, Healthworks will offer 19 trainings that are open to all women in the Boston area. We encourage you to take advantage of these FREE trainings happening all over the Greater Boston Area.

The initiative will launch with an outdoor Kick Off event in Back Bay’s Copley Square on September 12th from 5:30-7pmwith expected attendance of over 200 women. Following the Kick Off, Healthworks will sponsor 18 more 90-minute community defense trainings in 9 Boston-area neighborhoods. These trainings will occur throughout September and October at Boston Centers for Youth & Families sites, Healthworks’ four club locations, GymIt Watertown and the Healthworks Community Fitness Center at Codman Square. Please see below for the time and locations for the various trainings:

Location  Date Day Time Neighborhood
Healthworks Community Fitness – Codman Square 11-Sep Wednesday 6:00-7:30 PM Dorchester
Copley Square 12-Sep Thursday 5:30-7 PM Back Bay
Healthworks Cambridge 12-Sep Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM Cambridge
Curly Community Center 16-Sep Monday 6:00-7:30 PM South Boston
Healthworks Chestnut Hill 17-Sep Tuesday 6:00-7:30 PM Chestnut Hill
Healthworks Back Bay 19-Sep Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM Back Bay
Blackstone Community Center 19-Sep Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM South End
Healthworks Cambridge 23-Sep Monday 6:00-7:30 PM Cambridge
Cleveland Community Center 25-Sep Wednesday 6:00-7:30 PM Dorchester
Healthworks Coolidge Corner 26-Sep Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM Brookline
Tobin Community Center 26-Sep Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM Roxbury
GymIt Watertown 3-Oct Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM Watertown
Healthworks Back Bay 4-Oct Friday 12:00-1:30 PM Back Bay
Healthworks Coolidge Corner 6-Oct Sunday 2:30-4:00 PM Brookline
Healthworks Chestnut Hill 9-Oct Wednesday 6:00-7:30 PM Chestnut Hill
Paris Street Community Center 9-Oct Wednesday 6:00-7:30 PM East Boston
Blackstone Community Center 10-Oct Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM South End
Cleveland Community Center 21-Oct Monday 6:00-7:30 PM Dorchester
Tobin Community Center 24-Oct Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM Roxbury

NYC (lack of) Marathon Training Week 6 and How I learned to use clip in pedals

Last week’s training was so nonexistent that it doesn’t even warrant it’s own post.

Monday – Ran 6 Miles

Recovery run after Mt. Washington. I recovered by making pizza!

Tuesday – DOMS!!!

Delayed onset muscle soreness is no joke!! I couldn’t even get out of bed and I was sick too.

Wednesday – Ran 6 Miles, swam 1,000 yds

I don’t know how, but I got the energy to run 8 minute miles.  I also swam a bit after work but it was my first time using swimming earplugs so I had some difficulties. I found I missed hearing all the sounds fully and sometimes I would knock them out.

Thursday – Ran 3.5 Miles

I was going for 10k but I felt awful half way through and stopped.

Friday – Nothing

No excuse, I just got dressed to run but then ended up not leaving the house.

Saturday – Biked 60 Miles

Overslept my time to run but instead I learned how to bike in clip in pedals

Sunday – Nothing unless walking counts

Walked about 7 miles at the Cape in Provincetown between the town center and beaches,

How I learned to use clip-in pedals

First, I want to say they’re clip-in pedals and anyone that calls them clip-less is confusing me since they are anything but lacking in a clip. Now for the steps

Step 1, either on a trainer, or with someone you trust hold the bike, test clipping in and out. While you’re doing that, take extra steps to avoid ramming yourself into certain um sensitive areas with your seat because that my friend is highly unpleasant.

Step 2 Practice with one pedal!

Yup, I’m a complete and total pansy! Clip in pedals felt and still feel very unnatural to me. I rode with one normal shoe and one clipped in shoe for 15 miles because I was that scared! While having control of one foot, I practiced stopping and going with the clipping foot. I found for me personally that clipping in and getting yourself going was harder than clipping out.

Step 3 – Make the transition

I didn’t want to give up my security shoe but I was starting to noticed that my right foot was feeling a lot more tired than the left. I knew that if i was going to make it home, I needed to balance my feet. Ideally I wanted my right regular shoe but I left that at the campsite. Yup, I was traveling with two bike shoes and one regular shoe.

And you know what?

I made it. I’m not a pro. I had a few close calls but I biked through it. I biked 3 times my normal distance. The time isn’t really reflective of pace because it includes all learning. I did have the advantage of practicing on a paved flat rail trail so that was nice. Do I think I’m ready for city streets? No, not yet, but I think there’s hope for this scaredy cat!