NYC (lack of) Marathon Training Week 6 and How I learned to use clip in pedals

Last week’s training was so nonexistent that it doesn’t even warrant it’s own post.

Monday – Ran 6 Miles

Recovery run after Mt. Washington. I recovered by making pizza!

Tuesday – DOMS!!!

Delayed onset muscle soreness is no joke!! I couldn’t even get out of bed and I was sick too.

Wednesday – Ran 6 Miles, swam 1,000 yds

I don’t know how, but I got the energy to run 8 minute miles.  I also swam a bit after work but it was my first time using swimming earplugs so I had some difficulties. I found I missed hearing all the sounds fully and sometimes I would knock them out.

Thursday – Ran 3.5 Miles

I was going for 10k but I felt awful half way through and stopped.

Friday – Nothing

No excuse, I just got dressed to run but then ended up not leaving the house.

Saturday – Biked 60 Miles

Overslept my time to run but instead I learned how to bike in clip in pedals

Sunday – Nothing unless walking counts

Walked about 7 miles at the Cape in Provincetown between the town center and beaches,

How I learned to use clip-in pedals

First, I want to say they’re clip-in pedals and anyone that calls them clip-less is confusing me since they are anything but lacking in a clip. Now for the steps

Step 1, either on a trainer, or with someone you trust hold the bike, test clipping in and out. While you’re doing that, take extra steps to avoid ramming yourself into certain um sensitive areas with your seat because that my friend is highly unpleasant.

Step 2 Practice with one pedal!

Yup, I’m a complete and total pansy! Clip in pedals felt and still feel very unnatural to me. I rode with one normal shoe and one clipped in shoe for 15 miles because I was that scared! While having control of one foot, I practiced stopping and going with the clipping foot. I found for me personally that clipping in and getting yourself going was harder than clipping out.

Step 3 – Make the transition

I didn’t want to give up my security shoe but I was starting to noticed that my right foot was feeling a lot more tired than the left. I knew that if i was going to make it home, I needed to balance my feet. Ideally I wanted my right regular shoe but I left that at the campsite. Yup, I was traveling with two bike shoes and one regular shoe.

And you know what?

I made it. I’m not a pro. I had a few close calls but I biked through it. I biked 3 times my normal distance. The time isn’t really reflective of pace because it includes all learning. I did have the advantage of practicing on a paved flat rail trail so that was nice. Do I think I’m ready for city streets? No, not yet, but I think there’s hope for this scaredy cat!

2 thoughts on “NYC (lack of) Marathon Training Week 6 and How I learned to use clip in pedals”

  1. Great job on the clip-in pedals – I agree, the term clipless makes no sense to me, either! I learned to use “cleats” – less-confusing term that I choose to use – a few years ago and found they’re a lot less daunting than they seem. Everyone falls at least once, so just know it will happen eventually and even that won’t be as bad as you think! Before you know it you will be a pro. Hope you have a better marathon training week next week!

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