NYC Marathon Training Week 6 – I’m running again!!!

I’m glad to report that I can finally post about running! Yup, I got back to higher mileage this week and although I had a few, okay several crappy runs, they did start to get better. I’m learning that 70s are still too hot for me to run in. I prefer 50s and 60s and as much as I feel cold at night, fall is my favorite running season.

Monday – Rest – Because it was labor day and I wanted to eat and play instead of run

Tuesday – 10.35 Miles
Legs felt heavy and burdensome, it got dark too early, or maybe I just couldn’t run fast enough. Either way a disappointment after resting for 4 days. 8:41 pace.

Wednesday -10.4 Miles
8.4 miles around the Charles average pace of 8:48 left in a very cranky and disappointed mood. I felt that after 4 days off last weekend, I have lost my complete ability to run at my prior speed. I came home and decided I wanted to force some speed into my legs. I got on my treadmill and did two miles of sprints in the evening at an average pace of 7:13. It was only 2 miles, but I felt a little better.

Thursday – 10.25 Miles
7 miles on incline 3 at 8:22 pace. 3.25 miles in the evening at almost sprinting pace of 7:25

Friday – 5 Miles
I forgot to log this run so I don’t remember the exact time but I think around 8:04 pace on a very easy flat  loop I do around the house.

Saturday – 10.30 Miles
I ran about 6 miles with Tony. He’s training for his marathon and was pacing himself at 9 minutes. I have to confess I was being an awful running buddy and kept pushing the speed more than I should have. After we stopped by home since T-dawg was saving his legs for the big 20 on Sunday, I ran a few little rolling hill repeats for my last 4 miles. Average pace came to 8:44 pace. I didn’t check my splits but I’m assuming my solo miles were closer in the 8:15 range?

Sunday – 22.20 Miles

I came along to Tony’s 20 miler. His pace was 10 minute miles and we stuck to that for the first 7 miles. Afterwards I separate from him for about 8 miles on my own and then joined up for final 7 at his pace. We ran for about 3 hours and 30 minutes with a few water breaks since the temps hit 75 and the sun showed no mercy!

Total Miles – 69 miles

Total Feelings – Feel good about my running but disappointed I didn’t get myself to the pool once!

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