NYC Marathon Training Week 7 – 100 Mile week!

Back when I was training for my 50 miler, I always pictured that eventually I would do it, hit 100 miles in a week!  But that day never came until now.

Okay so maybe the’re not all running miles, but a mile sweated is a mile done!

Monday – Swam 2,000 yds
No game plan, just kept swimming for about an hour.  It’s always such a drag beyond a drag to get myself to the pool and the walk back home sucks. Or that one time I went swimming and our oil ran out so we had no hot water and I had to wash my hair from chlorine in freezing water. That sucked. The showers at the Y suck and there’s basically nothing pleasant about the act of going to the pool or walking back home from the pool. However, when I’m in the said pool, there’s a serene and peaceful state of mind that I cannot describe. I swim gently and slowly and the water feels like a massage to my muscles.

Tuesday – 8 Miles
The downside of my Monday swim was that I got water in my ear and spent the whole night freaking out about it. At 3 am I woke up and by 5AM I gave up sleeping. After running out of things on the internet and seeing daylight, my insomnia ridden feet found themselves in running shoes. I was out the door and sweated through 8 miles around 7:45. I got some drops for my ear afterwards that fixed everything. Seriously, I spent the whole night convincing myself I’m going deaf when I could have just went to the 24 hour CVS instead.

Wednesday – 13 Miles
8 miles in the morning incline 2 at about 7:52 pace and 5 miles later in the evening at 8:06 pace.

Thursday – 11 Miles
Ran outside after work. My pace while I had daylight was around 8 minute and then slowed downed as it got dark and I was trying to avoid tripping over cracked ghetto sidewalks. Ran through flat streets and avoiding any potential for a hill.

Friday – 3.1 Miles
Was short on time but the best cure to a migraine is 20 minutes of hard running. Total time running about 23 minutes for an 7:20 pace.

Saturday – 50 Miles Bike ride!
I went from 10 miles to 30 miles to 50 miles with nothing in between. It wasn’t a glorious ride and it took me over 4 hours on a mostly flat paved rail trail but at the end of the day I felt pretty proud of myself. The last 10 miles I thought I was going to die when I was biking 12MPH which felt like I pushing 30MPH. I want to get to the point where biking for 4 hours feels as easy as running but I’m far from it. We consumed Hammer gels on the ride. The mountain berry one is so tasty!

Sunday 15.1 Miles
Went back to Provincelands in Ptown and instead of biking, we ran the super curvy & hilly bike pathh

Total Miles – 50 running

Total Feeling – I felt like I could have run a 20 miler instead of a 15 miler but I didn’t want to abandon my travel companion for a few extra miles.  Also the sun setting so early now is a total downer.

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