NYC Marathon Training Week 8 – Marathons & Morning Runs

This will be short since due to work schedule/too much computer time I’m not really blogging for the next 2-3 weeks. However, I’m still active (if not more) on facebook & twitter so come join me!.

Monday Rest

Tuesday 14.3 Miles

8 miles 07:52 pace which was slower than I was going for on my usual path. I felt sluggish after 5 miles so maybe I started out too fast. Since my morning didn’t go into the tempo (or even close) zone like I’d hope, I tried for some evening speedwork on my homemill. About 6.3 miles in 40 minutes. 5K in 22:46, 5 mile in 37:16 and cool down of 1.3 miles because I just couldn’t keep going. Average pace ended up at being at 7:42 and the treadmill like my usual was set to incline 3.

Wednesday 7.2 Miles + 500 Yds swim

Continued my love/hate with the 6AM run. Unfortunately my legs felt like molasis after Tuesday’s evening speed work. Shuffled my way through 7.2 miles at 8:18 pace on my flat/easy path.

Had an extra 15 minutes before my swim seminar (I can’t call it class since I barely swim a lap). Got through a slow and sloppy 10 laps.

Thursday 8.5 Miles

I felt a little better by Thursday and got through 8.5 miles in 7:45 pace on the Charles river path which includes warm/cool down aka stop lights & people.

Friday & Saturday

I was too busy to find time for a run on Friday and since we were running a marathon on Sunday, I took Saturday off to explore via driving the Adirondacks.

Sunday Adirondack Marathon!

This was more Tony’s race than mine since I ran with him. It was his first marathon and with barely two 20 milers on his belt, we crossed the finish line in under 4:30. And keep in mind this course was a constant battle of rolling hills! I’m hoping to get him to either write or Vlog a recap of his first marathon!

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