NYC Marathon Training Week 10

The shortest and sweetest update you’ll get from me. But worry not, just as my taper period starts, my busy season at works end so I’ll need to fill the void of less running and less working somehow.

Things I’ll have upcoming

TARC Summer Classic Recap (LONG OVERDUE my first 50K)

Pinnacle Ultra 50K Recap (Ran last weekend as a long run)

Tufts 10K Recap (This Monday with Fitfluential and Reebok!)

TARC Fall Classic 50K (My final long run for NY on Oct. 19th. I haven’t ran it yet but I assume I will haha)

Giveaways and reviews of somethings I’ve been given/purchased such as socks, who doesn’t love socks, shoes, and everything in between.

Monday – 8 Miles 61 miles 7:39 pace 
Good solid run on incline 2. Thought that maybe I shouldn’t run since Monday is usually a rest day for be but decided I’m resting Saturday due to a 50K Sunday so its okay to cheat.

Tuesday 12 Miles
8 miles in the morning at 8:22 pace. Legs were tired today from running 7:39 on incline yesterday. Way too many cars on the road. Almost got hit by a jackass who decided to go around a car that stopped for me so I could cross. Stupid random blocks with no sidewalks and stupid jackasses. Did 4 miles in the evening on incline 3 at 8:04 pace.

I will definitely miss my sunrise runs when I start working humane hours again.

Wednesday – 11.45 Miles
Woke up too late for my normal 8 miler too early to get ready for work do I decided squeeze in a shorter run. Ran flat path for faster pace. Should have pushed to 7:30 but hamstring is getting tight. Did an extra 10K during lunch at a slow recovery pace. Kept this easy by taking some photos on my run. 2nd run of the day. Banking away to rest Saturday.

Thursday – 5 Miles
Incline 2 for 37 minutes because that’s all the time I had.

Friday – Rest since I remembered I had a 5K

Saturday – 3.1 Miles 20:57
Check out the full recap of first first 5K in half a decade!

Sunday – 31 Miles
Pinnacle Ultra 50K. Finished 6:30 because trails really are my weakness. One day, One day. Full recap will come eventually!

Total Miles – 71

Total Feelings – I think working 71 hours this week has been the hardest part.

and just because I haven’t shared a Jack Meower photo in a while

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