NYC Marathon Training Week 11 – A week in the dumps

I’ve had a stressful many days last week but the highlight of my week was a gift to help in my NYC marathon training.

Kinda Awesome

Thank you! Those definitely helped as I’m running between work and my sneaked in runs!

This week was a very low mileage week for me. It was just out of my control. Could I have woken up earlier or ran in the middle of the night? Sure, but I’m pretty certain my body wouldn’t handle it with my work hours and I prefer to start a race a little unprepared than injured.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 8 Miles
8:15 pace even though I took a rest day before. I was definitely feeling the fatigue of late work nights and high mileage of last week.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
This time I tried to push myself. 7:37 pace made me happy enough. Plus my path gets so gorgeous this time of year!

Woods are lovely

Thursday – NADA

I could have maybe ran a 5 miler or 3 miles at some point in the day, but I was tired and eating apple pie with ice cream seemed like a more productive break.

Friday – 8 Miles
Another early morning run. Tried to go fast to make up for the lack of mileage and once again landed to an average pace of 7:37

Saturday – 15 Miles
After getting home late from work, I overslept my alarm and barely had any time for a run before I had an appointment and work again. I was running at a great pace for 10 miles at around 7:40 but hit a wall after stressing out paranoid about work. Once I wore myself out mentally, my body and legs followed. They started to feel dead and my pace slowed down a lot. Average pace ended up being 7:57 but I feel like I could have ran faster overall if I didn’t have a minor freak-out in my head about work and not being able to get in another road 20 miler before NY. Ideally, I wanted to run 22-24 miles. Lesson here is, don’t worry, just run!

Sunday – Nada
I had the Tufts 10K on Monday and I decided going to the Topsfield Fair was a better use of my time. Come GIANT Pumpkin or running? GIANT PUMPKIN always wins!

Total Miles – 39

Total Feelings – Cranky & exhausted from it all

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