2013 Tufts 10K Race Recap with Reebok

For the second year in a row I had the pleasure of running one of my favorite races with Team Reebok through my affiliation with Fitfluential. Similar to last year’s fashion, I had work on Monday (and Saturday and Sunday and everyday up until the 15th only worse this year than the past). I pulled a Clark Kent in the office bathroom and emerged!

I’m telling you elevator selfies are the new bathroom selfies!

And if you’re wondering, gee Liana what are those fabulous bright shoes you’re wearing? Well they’re the new Reebok One Cushion that have been getting me through my 6AM partial darkness 8 milers but more on those later! I don’t drink coffee before I run, so I need a little color to perk me up before I go go.

Anyways, I leave work and walk my way over to the commons to meet up in the Reebok tent. I already had my number since I grabbed it on Friday when I was at work. However, I would have forgotten it, had it not already been packed in my bag with my post race snacks.

Sadly, I missed the morning stretching & warm up (because while I can disappear for an hour, I probably shouldn’t for 3 hours from work.) In the tent I met up with Marc from Reebok who introduced me to Carrie Tollefson an Olympian who competed in the 2004 summer games. Yea contrary to popular believe, Olympians and speedy demons look just like you, me or your best friend! I asked her if she ever competed at the Tufts 10K and she told that she’s been here before a few times as part of the elite field. You know those girls who are warming up and already burning concrete before the race even started while you’re standing still and hoping to harness all your power within just for the race duration. That was probably how I pictured her a few years ago. Now she runs a distance running camp for teens  and a weekly webcast so check out her site for more info!

After my introduction to Carrie, I noticed Jen & Becki, my fellow Boston Bloggers. Of course, if you have at least one blogger, you know some serious photo action will take place!

Tufts 10K Running Man

Speaking of which, how cute are the Team Reebok shirts? There might have been a small strip show (I have no shame, my apologies) in the tent as I changed shirts. Sorry for the brightness and blindness my pale belly might have caused but I couldn’t wait to wear it! I’m going to have to replace my favorite shirt (purple from last year) with this gorgeous blue one that matches all my pink so well! I was also really happy to be racing in shorts for what could be my last chance of the year which winter looming!

At 15 minutes to noon, they start announcing the seedings. Seedings are kinda like corrals but you all start at the same time, but line up based on your expected time. I walk over with Carrie to the 7 minute pace. She tells me how she’s going to take it easy since she just ran a marathon this past weekend. Of course, I’m like perfect, I’ll just try to keep up with her! And of course at the start of the gun, she sets off at a 6 minute “recovery” pace that I try to keep up and give up within a minute.

I would love to have a mile split breakdown of my race but I learned something today while writing my recap! The reason my Garmin stopped beeping was because I turned off my laps so my whole race is showing up as one long lap in my Garmin training report. Oops! Instead you get my mile by mile emotional ride.

Mile 1: I’m always the happiest at my first mile. Fresh legs, fresh grub, fresh energy. This mile was also in the shade so everything stayed fresh. Every year, I try to keep up with Joan Benoit!

Tufts 10K with Joany

photo by Ted Tyler from Coolrunning 

Mile 2-3: As we moved onto to mile 2-3, we started running on Memorial drive which severely lacks some trees and I start to heat up. Suddenly, I’m regretting not chugging more Nuun at their sample table. It’s really hot, and I start to remember what running at noon time in 65 degree weather feels like. Highly unpleasant.

tufts 10K 2Photo by Ted Tyler from Coolrunning 

Mile 4-5: You know what I don’t like about 10Ks? They’re like a 5K that refuses to end. Seriously, you run your little heart out for 20:26 seconds to 3.1 miles and you’re like woohoo 5K PR and then you realize you’re only half way there. Mile 4 comes and you’re like shit, I’ve got 1/3rd of the race to go and this hurts. This really hurts. At mile 5 you start the compromises. I’m not really a 10K runner, it’s okay to slow down. I’ve been working all weekend, it’s okay to run a slow race. I’m not good enough why bother..

tufts 10K

At this point, I was so hot and so cranky that I might have cursed everyone that passed me & their demon spawn

I find 10Ks to be the most difficult distance I have ever run. It’s physiological warfare where you break down and put yourself back together at least 4 times all within a span of less than 45 minutes. 

Mile 6: We crossed the Mass ave bridge back into Boston, where generous, kind, beautiful trees protected me from the sun. Suddenly, the world doesn’t seem like such a bright but dark place. Suddenly, I think 10Ks are awesome, I’ve only got 1 mile left, that’s less than 10 minutes. Let’s do this! You also pass my favorite aid station ever. The water station with the handsome men in suits! If anyone has a photo please share. I was too full into beast mood to snap a shot as I had a death grip on my phone.

And per my request, my friend Michael who was volunteering sent me a photo! Why don’t more races offer men in tuxes for water stops?

Tufts 10K Tux Water Stop

And just like that it was over. I shake Joan’s hand as my breathing tries to catch up to the cool off that my legs are feeling. Joan meanwhile looks like she barely broke a sweat while I am drenched and am barely making coherent sentences.

Official Net Time – 42:28

Although I’m 34 seconds slower than last year, I came in once again at my honorable 112th spot out of 7,000 or so participators! I think for the most part I am in similar shape to last year only with a whole lot less sleep and a 50K that I ran only 6 days ago under my belt. The weather also played a big part in my performance. If it was up to me, I would do all my races in 48 degree weather!

Aside from maybe some more speed workouts, I think my training went well. Most of my training was focused during my 5-8 mile morning runs in my  Reebok One Cushion shoes. Check out my next post for a full review and a giveaway for a pair of your own!

Have you ever run an all women race? Did you like it?

I loved running with all women, it’s empowering and I feel very proud of my fellow ladies! Plus the ladies smell a lot better than the men when they run so my nose is happier!

Disclaimer:  Reebok sponsored my race entry and provided me with some awesome clothing and Reebok One shoes thanks to my FitFluential Ambassadorship.  All opinions as always for better or worse are my own!

14 thoughts on “2013 Tufts 10K Race Recap with Reebok”

  1. Fantastic job. I love that you did a 10K during your lunch break 😉 I’m a-ok with 65 degrees now after summer. It feels pretty good LOL. Perspective is funny like that. I loved your recap. Funny how you go through phases like that during a race. I have only done 1 10K and I actually kind of enjoyed it. Maybe I didn’t run it hard enough!

  2. Nice finish time! I would love to do the Tufts 10K next year. It looks like a great race especially with the fancy men in tuxes at the water stops. Looks like you had a fantastic experience. Hopefully I’ll meet up with you one of these days at a race!

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