18th Annual Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K Race Recap

I haven’t run a 5K in years and I was glad to break my hiatus with the Annual Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K. The race took place on Saturday at 9AM. Registration is $25 and with it includes a long sleeve cotton shirt and breakfast from local Davis Square restaurants afterwards.

Wanting to maximize on sleep, I’ve prepped my outfit with my Garmin 305 the night before. My favorite Reebok shorts that make me look beast, my favorite pink shirt from Target (Champion?), my ProCompression pink compression socks, and my VIP Mizuno Wave Sayonaras.

Liana Somerville 5K 3

On Friday, I decided to have a lofty goal. However, goals change and you move on. I woke up with a headache. I drank water, drank some tea and ate a kind bar. By the time I got to the race start, I had a migraine and I thought I might throw up. Too many hours at a computer will do that to you.

None the the less, I got to the starting line and pretended to look serious.

Liana Somerville 5K 2

You can spot me, because my quads/calves are bigger than any guy around me.

I’ve also decided that those perfectly chiseled women at the start of every 5k/10K, you know the ones doing strides or whatever to warm up before the race started with not a milometer of cellulite are aliens and their results should be in a different category.

Anyways within half a mile, I thought I was going to vomit and have my legs collapse beneath me as a we hit a hill. I started to wonder if I’ll even finish. However, by the mile 1 marker, I started to feel better and it was downhill so I was able to pass by a large number of people.

I don’t remember much of mile 2 other than it was painful and ugly. We hit a second hill and I cursed for forgetting what seems flat in a car, is less flat on your feet.

After about the 2.7 miles, we made another turn and we were on the bike path. Flat! Thank god, my legs felt like they would hug the ground beneath if I had time to spare. I picked it up. My garmin said I was running at sub 6 minute mile, but that’s can’t be right.

As I spot the finish line, the clock was ticking away at 20:51, 20:52 and I dug deep within. I failed at my sub 20 goal but I wasn’t going to let another minute flash by. I pushed with everything I had until I once again thought I might throw up.

Liana Somerville 5K Finish

20:57 was my total time for 3.1 miles… a PR, so I’ll accept. I’ll have another chance in December in Cambridge. Maybe this time, I won’t be running with a migraine.

Overall 65th out of 888 finished runners, 10th woman and 7th in my age group. 

I can’t help but wonder if I should have pushed harder on the uphill. My strategy is always steady effort uphill, push on downhill but then again I never run 5Ks, so I don’t know if that’s best.

We are our own worst critics.

After the 5K, they had a really lovely breakfast brunch set up from all the local restaurants including but not limited to Anna’s Taq, Red bones, Burren and I forget what else. There was also a Wholefood’s tent. I grab a few bits and bites and than Tony my lovely assistant in life dropped me at work where I resumed my life of taxes, taxes, and more taxes!

Liana Somerville 5K 5

Overall, if you’re in the Boston area and want to do a 5K this one is highly recommended. It doesn’t get as much attention as the Jingle Bell runs and the other Somerville beer 5Ks but it follows the same path more or less and comes with great food, a great crowd and a great charity! I don’t think there were medals (maybe I was too busy rushing to get to work) but I am loving the long sleeve shirt for the cold winter days ahead. I’ll definitely be adding it to my calendar for 2014 even if I have to run to work right afterwards!

NYC Marathon Training Week 9 – Running and Taxes

I once read an article about how Alisha Williams’ chances of being in the Olympics were ruined because she is (or was?) a CPA working in the industry where tax seasons come and come again. Now, I am no where near or even two levels near being Olympic speed even in my dreams but it’s still a struggle to balance a personal goal race like the NYC Marathon on November 3rd with a work deadline where my busiest time all year is September & October. So when I’m not thinking about taxes, I’m thinking about running as I try to hit 60-80 miles a week within the final four weeks before taper.

And as any endurance junkie knows, it involves sacrifice from not only my sanity but also my loved ones. My marathon addiction is an incredibly selfish of me, and its something that at the same time keeps me sane and the person that people love. Unfortunately, often times, I’ll give up my free time on my day off (working weekends now) to go on a long run. instead of spending time with friends and family. I hope they know its temporary <3.

I think the second most important part of marathon training after the long run, are the medium long runs, 10-13 miles mid week. Unfortunately, I am not waking up at 4AM to do that, so I’m sneaking them in piece by piece. 8 miles here, 2 miles there, 5 miles there until every piece of free time has been plugged. My long runs feel good, so maybe its working.

Anyways the weekly recap:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday 13.25 Miles
Two runs, one girl. 8 morning miles around 7:39 pace. Evening ran on the homemill for 5.25 miles at 7:37 pace.

Sunrise on one of my favorite running spots

Wednesday – 7 Miles
My evening run on Tuesday gave me mild insomnia so I overslept my wake up call. Instead, I dug myself some time midday between work and more work to hit the treadmill. 8:18 pace on incline 3 or about 58 minutes.

Thursday -15 Miles
8 slower miles in the morning at 7:58 pace and 7 miles in the evening. The weather was gorgeous and I just didn’t want to go back to the office. Hit 7:51 pace which was faster than expected on tired legs.

Friday – 5 miles
Did short but fast 5 miler on the work treadmill at incline 2, 7:29 pace.

Saturday – 20.2 Miles
Around 8 minute average pace for the long run. My first 15 miles went by great. I hit it in a solid sub 2 hour I haven’t seen on my training runs before.  picked a hilly path that I love. Unfortunately by the last quarter of my run it was warm and I don’t carry water on me. My pace started to drop a little so I finished my final 2 miles at home on my treadmill.

Sunday – 11.2 Miles
I started the day looking fresh and clean

But we all know that once you hit the trails you don’t stay that way long. I met up with two of my friends to run around the Fells. I love trail running with great company. Found some pretty fire roads in the Fells, but got a little lost. Since in theory I should have known the areas, I was trying to navigate with my phone (which I couldn’t figure out how to use after updating my IOS eww) and ending up with some trail ouchies/trail trophies.

I tore up my hand a bit, this is after I showered and cleaned all the blood and plasma off!

The pace varied between 10 – 14 minutes depending on navigation. Look at the pretty view/day we had for our run! Next time I need to take some photos with the girls.

Total Miles – 70

Total Feelings – Full of energy but lack of time!