Friday Five – Home Sweet Home

I don’t usually do this, but why not, I have loads of internet time to catch up on after being disconnected for 3 weeks!

Five Things Friday

1. I’m back in the cold city of Boston that I missed. It was 90 and up when I was in South East Asia, so a little cold is refreshing. The sunset at 4pm however, is a total bummer.


2. I’m back to running, kinda. After 3 weeks of absolutely not even a 100 meters of running or working out, I’m seeing how much my fitness diminished. I know I’ll get back to where I left before, but feeling sore about an “easy” 5 miler is a little frustrating. Esp since I’m racing friends and coworkers on Sunday (5K) and a marathon in less than 2 months away (NOLA). Post to follow about how long it takes to get back where I left before my vacation.


3. I’m not gonna lie, the one thing I missed most on my vacation was my fur baby. Jack Meower and I have reunited. If only he would love me like I love him. Fickle cats.


4. American Breakfast! As much as I loved eating Asian noodles and sweet and sour chicken at 8AM every morning, I really missed American food. Corned beef hash, poached eggs, bacon with a side of veggies and salsa. OMG!


5. It’s holidays in the city again! I missed Thanksgiving, but my roommate is making 2 turkeys for us this weekend to make up for it! And I’m just in time for lights, trees and all the eating and baking December has in store.


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