20 Under $20 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Runner

I’ve been participating in a ton of Yankee swaps and secret Santas, where the usual budget is $15-$20 or so. So while I would love to get everyone a Garmin 910XT, if I’m too cheap to buy one for myself, it’s probably unlikely that everyone else will get the the $400 toy I covet.

For my ease, I’m using amazon because that’s where I shop and I have free 2 day shipping, but your local store would have it in stock as well and supporting local shops is always best. The only benefit of shopping on amazon besides convenience and usually lower prices, is if you need size small or XS in accessories, local running stores, or even the big box stores, never carry them even in a fit city like Boston. So local running stores, I love you, but sometimes a gal needs XS socks, mmkay!

Anyways the list

20 under 20 gifts

20 Under $20 Gift Ideas for your Running Friends (All prices rounded to the dollar)

Lock Laces $8 – Not gonna lie, there’s a slight learning curve with these (at least for me) but you’ll never have to worry about stopping to tie your laces again!

The Complete Runner’s Day By day Log/2014 Calender $10

Runner’s Ornament $18


Runner’s World Cookbook $11 Kindle, $16 Hardcover

Asics Intensity Low Cut Running Socks $9 for 3 pairs

Foot Rubz Surefoot Foot Rubz Massage Ball $6-$10

Running Gloves or these $15-$20 – I found these on Amazon, but the pair I have is from Costco for $15 bucks or so. I like them because I can use them with my cell phone; however, if the weather dips into the negatives and windy, I tend to double them up with ski gloves and give up running and tweeting at the same time.

 Arm Warmers $17 – I love these, although it might be months, because I can run in these again. If you sprint up the budget to $30, these are ultra cute and come with my favorite thing in the world, thumb-holes!

Running Hat $16

Balaclava $7

And for those moments when a hat just isn’t enough because yes my friends it’s just that cold, but I got miles to run. FYI, if you’re a dude you might want to look for a bigger one, this one fits me so it probably runs small

FuelBelt Handheld Waterbottle $15

Hammer Gels $17 12 pack, $1.50 individual

Kind Bars $17 12 pack, $1.50 individual

Honey Stingers 12 Pack $21, $2 individual

Salts Tabs $20

Nuun Hydrating Tabs $18 for a box of 4 tubes, or $5-6 per tube individual

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter $20 – More for the hiker/crazy trail runner

Book – Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You $15

Book – Marathon Woman $12

Book Swim Speed Secrets: Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World’s Fastest Swimmers $14

What are you hoping to find in your stocking or tree? I’m hoping for the books, I have all the other stuff, but I could use some triathlon reading 😉

6 thoughts on “20 Under $20 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Runner”

  1. Probably I would go for the Foot Rubz Massage Ball. I will buy this for my husband. I usually notice him massage his feet after his morning runs. This will alleviate those achy foot! Thanks for the gift ideas Run to Munch!

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