Weekly Recap – RnR Nola Training

Ahh, a new week, always so full of energy and plans. Or maybe it’s the rest day that I start with that always leaves me perky at the start and nappy by the weekend.

Monday – 8 miles
I pushed back rest day til Tuesday because I had my holiday party that day and would have no time during lunch to run. It must have been my lazy Sunday of the prior week because I went up to average pace of 7:32 per mile on incline 2. There was one mistake when i hill the cool off button at mile 7.1 and had to restart my run for .9 of a mile to go. Total time, one hour!

Tuesday – Rest Day
Well, I didn’t have my holiday party due to the snow, instead I ate a lot and waited in traffic and broken trains all day. Nothing kills a workout, like a nightmare commute.

Wednesday – 11.1 miles
Have you ever just woke up angry. Angry at the world. Or maybe the 30 minute commute that took you 3 hours. Stress, and exhaustion getting to you. Yea that was my Wednesday. My first run was self medicating, incline 3, 8:15 average pace for 8 miles! 66 minutes. I had extra time once again while waiting for my holiday party so I ran another 5K, 7:28 pace, while watching Hart of Dixie. I still felt cranky, but I guess it was just one of those days. At least I took it out on great running.

Thursday – 8 Miles
7:33 pace on the easy home mill. Felt a bit unmotivated all day, but still made it through. This time, watched Biggest Loser. I can’t say if I love or hate the show.

Friday – 6.2 
Just a Friday evening 10K on incline 3. 8:06 pace at the workgym after work. Should have taken it easier. Maybe I would have had more spunk left by Sunday.

Saturday – 18.2 = 2 hours 32 minutes
The sun was blazing, the snow was melting and my legs felt like dancing. I ran through Malden, Melrose & Wakefield in the early afternoon. I was glad that it took me a while to go out, because by the time I left the house, the sun was shining. I love running in sunshine. My average pace ended up being around 8:21 but that includes several light stops, and frogging around cars, people, snow, and pools and puddles of melted snow. It was probably as close to trail running as you could get while still being on concrete. Or maybe more like hurdling of snow banks. And somehow, with all the wetness around me from the melting home, I made it through 16 of the 18 miles before my feet got wet.

Sunday – 4 Miles
I had plans on running 8.5 to get back up to 60, but it was such a dreary day. The streets were still wet and covered in Snow and I had absolutely no motivated. Maybe I wore out my running mojo for the week. I settled on an easy 4 miles on the home treadmill. 7:34 pace and an episode of Carrie Diaries.


Total Miles – 55.5

Total Feelings – Sore, I think all the snow hurdling made my muscles tried =(

One thought on “Weekly Recap – RnR Nola Training”

  1. That’s a good week of running! And yes, I do have days that I wake up angry. For me, it’s usually PMS. Running always helps with that, though. :-
    Here’s to non-angry days and a Merry Christmas!

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