Favorite Posts of 2013 And Just Those Simple Moments

It’s the last day of 2013 and so it’s time to reflect, or least pretend to. I already shared some of my 2014 goals and to dos. I even got one of them done, last weekend. Yup, no more donation bin in my closet!

So I thought it would be a nice way to wrap up with a year in review for the blog. I used Google Analytics page views to see what your favorite posts were and I thought I would share after some of my favorite 2013 moments. Not all of them had posts.

2013 Favorite Posts Based on Page Views

Favorite Moments 1

Lessons from running a marathon in the rain – Success and failures – I got enough views on this post, to warrant a letter asking me to remove watermarked race photos. Fair enough. So yea, use your imagination instead. Since it was pouring rain, I didn’t have any photos of my own and I wasn’t about to pay a small fortune per photo either.


Quinoa Chicken Stuffed Peppers – Agreed! This is one of my favorite recipes as well.


What to wear for winter Runs – All the way back from January, but it’s making a comeback just like the brutal winter.

Meet the TARC 50 Milers – One of my favorite posts that I put together. I wanted to see how others were training for their 50 miler. I loved reading all the answers.

How to find race discount codes – A 2012 post that keeps coming up on search results. Everything there still holds true. Sadly, marathons are not getting any cheaper.


Slow-cooker Balsamic Chicken ❤ my slow-cooker

2013 Favorite Moments

Running My First “Ultra” 6 hours race – 28 (official) miles in the snow

My first Triathlon – It was a sprint, but not too shabby for a girl who learned to swim in 4 weeks

Favorite Moments 2

Running Tony’s first FULL marathon! The first one is always special 😉

First Marathon

Hiking Mount Washington

mt washington

Hiking Bryce Canyon – And of course all the other national parks I saw that week were not too shabby either!


My trip to Myanmar – I’m still working on posts, but words can’t describe how amazing the trip was

Favorite Moments 4


I don’t know what 2014 will bring, but 2013 was a great year!

Tell me one of your favorite moments from 2013!

One thought on “Favorite Posts of 2013 And Just Those Simple Moments”

  1. Wow, it certainly looks like you had an AMAZING year! I would LOVE to run the Adirondack Marathon…but I need to conquer my first 26.2 before I do that! My favorite moment from 2013 was finishing the Newport Half in Newport, RI…that race never gets old for me!

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