Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014, and listening to myself

As many people strap on those running shoes, laces up those shoestrings, throw out the cookies, and start their calorie counting, I’m using the first day of the year to take a break. I ended 2013, with 2,650 miles. 2,655.28 if you want to be exact of running alone. I found a formula error in my spreadsheet that understated my totals by 5 miles. Oops. 14 of those miles were forced in last second, last night. That number does not include biking, swimming, walking or anything else.

It’s for this reason that I decided I can take the first day of the year for a real break. No work, no running, no worrying. Time to recharge and take one of those full on lazy days.

Although regardless of mileage, you should never be afraid to take a break. Everyone’s body is different and we need to recharge sometimes for different reasons.

Cat book snuggle

2013 was ended on a fun note. Besides the 14 miles of running that I smuggled into my day to round of my year, it ended with a great meal and great friends. Although, I really wish to one day spend New Years somewhere warm. I don’t ever remember a year where I haven’t been cold and either sick or almost sick.

We started the evening with dinner at La Voile. A cozy french place on Newbury that I actually have never heard of before. However, the food was amazing!

It was also one of the few places in the Back Bay area that doesn’t force you into a crazy overpriced prefixed meal. I like keeping my options and prefixed meals drive me crazy.


I ordered the lobster/scallop combo with risotto and Tony got the duck, but we both agreed that my risotto dish was so amazing, that it was the best choice.


I also ordered a spiced bourbon cocktail that was served warm, perfect for the cold weather!

Ice Sculptures

After dinner we went to check out the ice sculptures that are in Copley. There’s plenty more all around Boston and since the temperature is not going above freezing any time soon, I think I might have time to see some of the others later this week.

Max Brenner

After freezing outside for about 30 minutes, we went back inside to Max Brenners for fondue, hot chocolate and margaritas!

To be honest, I’m a little grouch when it comes to New Year’s. I don’t like being cold so a nice low key night is my preference.

How did you spend your end of 2013/start of 2014?

One thought on “Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014, and listening to myself”

  1. Looks like fun despite the cold! It’s been so nasty here (12″ of snow and counting) it was treacherous last night and today so we stayed in, played games with the kiddos, toasted marshmallows and drank wine.

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