Weekly Recap

So it dawned on me that I missed my weekly check in since I’ve been more or less updating daily on fb and twitter. In fact last week seems so far away. Some might even say last year? ;). Anyways last week.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 15.2 Miles 
Average pace was around 8:09 pace. A large portion of my normal path iced over cause of the melting snow, so I had to find alternatives. Between the houses that don’t shovel, and the iced over snow melts, I basically was reduced to this one .75 mile trail that I did over and over and over.

Wednesday – 10.2 Miles
Pre-christmas jog. 7:56 pace. My path was still iced over but since there were no cars on the street, I just ran on the roads and prayed no sleep deprived parent still Christmas shopping would hit me.

Thursday – 10 Miles
8:02 pace. I was going to only do 8 but went for 2 more since I was on a roll. Okay, that roll was an episode of Arrow I wanted to finish. 8 at incline 3 and 2 at incline 2.

Friday – 5 Miles
Decided to keep it short because I was planning on doing a long run. 7:43 pace.

Saturday – 15.2 Miles
I haven’t figured out a way to be time efficient yet. It was dark and cold so I didn’t start my run on time. By then I was waiting for some house guests so I ran on my treadmill at home. Got in 10.2 miles before my guests came. 7:44 pace. After my visitors left, I ran another 5 before I had to meet friends for dinner. My plan was for 20 but I’ll take what I can get.

Sunday – 5 Miles
7:43 pace on my home treadmill. Had fun brunch plans and by the time I was free, it was absolutely pouring outside. Since I already spent 15 miles on my treadmill on Saturday, I couldn’t bear to spend any more than 40 minutes on that thing. I decided to excuse myself from the 20 miler.

Total Miles 60.7

Total Feelings – I miss being able to run outside without constantly watching out for ice patches. I was trying to amp up my mileage to 75 but without the long runs, came out a bit short.

I’m also taking baby steps to building my core.

My planks in the AM ended up being a failure cause I’m always running late, so instead I’m doing them before bed. I’m always looking for an extra 5 minutes before bed! I can’t say I’ve been doing it daily, but the 10PM alert on my phone does get me to do it most nights, so far.

Do anything last weekend? Run? Take a class? Swim??

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