Repreve #TurnItGreen and Feel a Little Less Guilty

I generally like to avoid plastic as much as possible, but sometimes, you can’t avoid it, you’re on the road, out and about, and you’re thirsty and a water fountain is not in sight. So of course, you cough up the cash and buy bottled water (what a conspiracy) in a plastic bottle. And of course a recycle bin is never around, so I end up dragging the empty bottle home to recycle. But I’ll end the negativity there, this is post isn’t a rant about the lack of recycling I’m constantly see, or the bottled water conspiracy (buy me a coffee and I’ll tell you all about it). Instead, I want to focus on what happens to said bottle after you or I recycle it. Sometimes it becomes another bottle, or a bag or something else like repreve.


What is Repreve? Repreve is a recycled fiber that is helping to create a reprieve for the planet. Because Repreve contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles, it helps conserve precious natural resources. Making Repreve uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

Repreve is an essential ingredient in many of the products you buy. Simply, it’s what makes recycled fabrics—well, recycled. Beware—not all recycled fibers are created equal. Our recycled fibers are “first quality,” so they look good, and feel soft and comfortable. They’re also certifiably sustainable. So when you shop, remember: It’s what’s in it that counts.

Repreve Hat

For example this cute hat I got in the mail today!

Many popular brands use Repreve such as:

  • The North Face
  • Ford
  • Volcom
  • Polartec
  • Patagonia
  • Beija-Flor
  • Lauren Conrad’s XO (eco)
  • Swiftwick Socks

It pains me to see recyclable goods in the trash. In Malden, we have a unique trash program where we pay for the amount of trash we generate while all recycling pick up is free. I hope other cities try to find more ways to promote recycling, like placing recycle bins next to trash bins.

Furthermore, besides educating about recycling, we need to get everyone excited for it as well!  Fun products like this hat made from recycled bottles got me all excited! I can’t wait until I stop being sick to run with it outside!

Do you recycle? What does your town do to promote recycling?

7 thoughts on “Repreve #TurnItGreen and Feel a Little Less Guilty”

  1. At my gym, we have a recycling bin, and I still have to take out water bottles from the trash, almost EVERY TIME! Walk that extra 2 feet and toss it in the recycling people! Drives me crazy!

  2. i’m a nut about recycling. my in-laws don’t recycle and it drives me crazy, so when we stay here (to dog sit) we literally put all of our recyclable goods in a bag and i recycle them at home!

  3. I’d like to say I recycle, but honestly, I don’t. There aren’t any recycling services at my apartment complex, and it ends up being too complicated. If we did separate our recyclables, I’m not even sure where we could take them. 😦

    It does make me sad, though.

    Your hat is super cute! I love how innovative Repreve sounds.

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