Weekly Recap – Snot and Miles

I often say, do as I say and not as I run. Because in the end you’ll end up sicker, with a full on sinus infection doped up like a mule on antibiotics and sudafed. Yea, I start the new year with a rest day. Why? No reason, just wanted to take a day to lounge around. I felt great, but lazy and I haven’t had a full on rest day without work in a while. So I rested, ate some food, and napped some more. Read a ton of Game of Thrones and went to bed. Well apparently, every time I take a break I get sick. Lesson is, I should never take extra rest days.

Thursday I felt meh, and it just continued through the weekend. I’m used to feeling meh and running. Running comes more natural to me than breathing and therefore, it’s what I did.

But regardless, I got my drugs and I got my soup!

Chicken Noodle

Another one of those recipes where I rounded up what I could find in my house. Replacing egg noodles with whole wheat pasta instead.

The other theme of this week would be treadmill, not just any treadmill, but my basement treadmill that I don’t really use beyond shorter runs. Well me and this treadmill, bonded. We bonded a lot.

You see it snowed a lot in Boston, enough that our office closed early on Thursday and all day Friday so I worked from home. So I was pretty much snowed in. With my sinuses all icky, I was being more antisocial than usual and basically spent four days not leaving my house. It was also cold beyond a tolerable level. In fact, only time my sinus would clear up would be while I’m running or taking a hot shower.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 14 Miles
8 earlier at 7:42 pace and 6 a little later at 7:52 pace. I don’t remember anything eventful about this run besides trying to fit them in before the end of day 12/31/13

Wednesday – Impromptu Rest Day 

Thursday – 13.1 Miles
Learned something new about my treadmill at home. My time resets after 99 minutes! I also reached a new distance PR on my home treadmill. 7:47 average pace, but I did take a small drink break after mile 10 before finishing my last 3.1 miles at an easier pace.

Friday 8 Miles
I took some NyQuil Thursday night and slept through almost the whole winter storm and Friday. Yes, almost all of Friday and that will be the last time I take NyQuil. I felt a little better so I ran 8 miles in my basement at 7:37 pace.

Saturday 10 Miles
I still felt pretty tired so I napped all day and then in the evening stupidly decided to see if I could do my 20 miler. I didn’t stopped at 10 miles at 7:47 pace before I returned back to my sleeping position.

Sunday 20.2 Miles
If I count my running time alone, my average pace was 8:30 with a net time 2:52 but I know my total time was much longer. With no more days of the week left, I knew I had to do my 20 miler today. Plus I skipped my long run the week before and with New Orleans marathon less than a month away, I was in mild panic mood. The weather was a nice warm 40 degree but sadly all my running paths and sidewalks were still covered in snow. So back to my dungeon I went. Back to the basement. By Sunday, I was almost as sick of my treadmill as I was of being sick. I have spent almost 40 miles on it, which is more than I run on it in a month at times.

I resented every mile on it. At mile 10, I started tweeting for motivation and inspiration. That got me only so far.


After an hour and 46 minutes of watching the seconds tick and Scandal on HULU, I just couldn’t bare to listen to the sound of my feet pounding the treadmill. Mentally, I broke. I changed into outfit number 3 and went outside. It was nice being outside, for about 1 minute before I landed into a slush mountain. That’s okay, I hopped around a bit and just did repeats on a main street. And slowly, very slowly for me, I made my way through 7 miles and only had one close call with a car. Don’t hate the runner y0, hate the snow.


It was done and I was one step closer to being ready for New Orleans!

Total Weekly Mileage – 65 Miles

Total Feelings – A little sore, I think the double digit, faster treadmill runs are starting to catch up with me

How did your weekend go?

Did you get snow?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Snot and Miles”

    1. luckily most of our 18 inches melted yesterday! So I might have a sidewalk again by the weekend. The remainder froze, but people did a good enough job shoveling this round.

  1. Ugh, I’ve got the sickies right now too. Though, the fever totally sidelined me. I didn’t leave the bed/couch for 2 solid days. Did stubbornly get in 10 miles before I had to throw in the towel and admit defeat. I am most always a do as I say not as I do person. LOL

  2. Wow – impressive that you got all those miles even with being sick!!!
    I have to say – I love running on my treadmill – I will do anything to avoid the snow and cold!

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