Sad day

Tragedy happened! I lost my phone. Somewhere between leaving my house when I remember tweeting, to falling on a patch of ice, to getting on the train when I looked for it to play candy crush.

Worst case scenario, it’s broken in a snow covered ditch somewhere.

Best Case Scenario, a kind person/soul NEIGHBOR is going to turn it to the police or respond to one of the gazillion text I sent it today.

So far, I’m tracking it through icloud and work (they can locate it when it connects to their servers) and it has been offline all day even though it was fully charged this morning.

I’ve only had it for 7 months and we had a very deep maybe too strong of a relationship.

I’m still having phantom urges to go into my purse and grab it. To check the weather, instagram what I just ate, or jam out to some tunes.

I’d post a photo of me looking really sad, but I don’t have a phone to it with.

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