Weekly Recap – RnR NOLA Training

Mother nature is a fickle thing in Boston. If it’s sunny and beautiful, chances are the ground is covered in 2 feet of snow and anything that cleared up, is frozen into black ice. If it hits 50 degrees, well then you better prepare for pouring rain. 45? And sunny? Guess what, you better watch out, there’s 25MPH wind coming straight against you. But worry not, at least that wind may help you in the opposite direction. Of course, chances are by the time you turn around to make you way home, the wind will have changed directions to continue your battle against you.

New England winters… they never get boring.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 8 Miles
Incline 2, 7:39 pace. I was still in full on Sinus infection mood, but luckily, all I need to do is run for a little bit before my sinuses clear up.

Wednesday – 8 Miles
Incline 3, 7:52 pace. I don’t know how I was able to keep up the speed while on incline 3. Must be the rest for not doubling up on runs.

incline 3

Thursday – 10 Miles
Incline 2, 7:42 average pace. Once again, with lower mileage, I was able to hit up faster speed. Killed 8 miles just under an hour and cooled down with 2 more easier miles.

Friday – 4 Miles
I was planning on running 9, but with the stress of my missing phone, I ran an easy 4 miles in the evening at home at about 7:45 pace. I was drained and dead after the 4 miles.

Saturday – 13.25 Miles
It looked dark and misty outside. Weather was approaching 50 and humid. Actually, it was amazing to run in a tshirt and capris. I didn’t know how many miles I would get in before I would have to turn out to go home from the rain. It was also the first time in almost half a decade that I left my house without a phone. No music, just me, my garmin and my breathing. I was going to try to hold out for 10 miles, but the 13 came easier than I thought. I wanted to go for 15, but decided to save some energy in the tank for Sunday. Before I even got a chance to shower, it started to thunder and pour outside. Average pace was about 8:05 as I tried to main comfortable effort.

Saturday Run

Sunday – 20.2 Miles
Tony promised me a long run on Sunday so we set out. We ran together for about 9 miles at about a 9 minutes pace. He got cold and went to finish his run on the treadmill. I on the other hand had no desire to miss out on the 40s weather. 40s is a heatwave in my book, even if it did come with 25 mile winds. Instead, I gathered up my ancient Ipod with my awesome new headphones and headed out for 11 more by my lonesome self. Rocked out to Glee cover songs and tried to pick up some speed. However, after being on on my feet for 90 minutes, it was definitely harder to run faster. I don’t think I believe in negative splitting, no matter what I read! Average speed came to 8:38 for the 20 miler.

Ipod SUnday

Total – 63.45

Total Feels – A little sore

I’m not sure if it was picking up the pace on tired legs on my 20 miler that made me tired or the double back long runs. Either way the quads are feeling a little sore today.

How did your weekend go?

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