My new haircut – 5 Things Weekend

1. Remember when my hair used to be up to my waist?


Well it’s no longer attached to me head


2. A visit to my parents came with an interesting alarm clock


But that wasn’t enough to get me to go run outside with the freak snow storm that came around

3. My favorite meal of the weekend was my dinner at Bogota Latin Bistro

Bogota Latin Bistro Paella

Tony got Paella Bogota Latin Bistro Cat Fish

I got Jalapeno grilled cat fish. It was one of the best things I ate in a while.

4. Did you know that cough drops come with life advice now?

Advice from halls

5. During one of my many meals in my car (the drive from Boston to Brooklyn and back is a long way) I tried Fresh City as one of the road stops.

photo (1)

I got the Thai Chicken Burrito Bowl. Aside from the disgusting blob of “peanut sauce” the rest of the dish was tolerable.


How was your weekend? Tell me one thing!

3 thoughts on “My new haircut – 5 Things Weekend”

  1. I like your haircut Liana, it looks great. My weekend in was good. One of my favorite parts was the 90 minutes I spent at yoga on Saturday. :). Have a good week.

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! My hair was wicked long and then I cut off a significant amount because it was too heavy for me to wear up while running. I love how I make the decision to cut my hair because of running! My wknd was great with the perfect balance between running, hanging out with friends, and relaxing!

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