Tone It Up – An embarrassment to women

There, I said it! I’ve been biting my lip, biting my tongue, trying to hold back my true feelings. But I can’t hold it in anymore, I really can’t stand the Tone It Up girls. It’s okay if you still love them, we can still be friends, but I just can’t participate in any conversations regarding Katrina and the other.

First, I will admit, they are very successful, so they must be doing something right. Damn, If I could make money-making fitness videos on a beach, I would too! I wouldn’t look as good, but I would do it! Second, while I don’t like their workouts, I like how they’re basic enough to be welcoming to anyone at any fitness level. I can’t stand their protein powder or majority of their recipes, but that’s just personal taste and there’s many diets out there I’m not a fan of. That’s not what annoys me the most.

What really bothers me:

Dumb stereotypes… nothing perpetuates the assumption that fit, hot girls are dumb like these two. Just hearing their voices literally makes me cringe. I’ve tried their workouts, but I’ve never been able to get their a complete workout video without feeling like I just killed a few brain cells. I know they spend a lot of time on the beach, in the sun, doing these workouts, but I’m starting to wondering if all that sun killed some of their brain cells, or if they were born this way? Maybe, they’re really smart and this act is part of their brand that they sell to make money. Either way, selling yourself on being stupid and ditsy is not very respectable to me.

Average is perfection misinformation… I keep seeing comments how people love seeing average women on TV. They’re not average, they’re beyond and above average. Their full-time jobs is being a trainer. Your greatest asset as a trainer is your body, so of course it will be perfect. Yes we can be healthy and fit, but chances are of the “average” person ever resembling these two are slim without giving up something else in your own lives, like your own job. Second of all, being healthy is important but not everyone needs to look model tone it up stick thin. Personally, between their diet plans and the branding, I think most of this is just fueling more disordered eating.

Now that I got over my rant, I will move on. I know I’ll probably lose some followers (but worry not, I don’t have that many to begin with) but I just can’t stand the constant media I see on those two without over-sharing my opinions.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Two of my roommates are Chinese so we did some celebration! Sorta…

photo 2 (3)

We went to scope out the new Shake Shack in Harvard Square. Let me tell you something, that place was packed! Trying to get a seat after waiting way too long on that line is quite a challenge in being a dick to anyone who looks like they’re almost done eating. Basically, you watch everyone like a vulture hoping to grab the first chair that empties.

All of us double stacked our burger and split a shake because Friday is vegetarian day!

Even the cats participated! Well they got a bath so they could start the lunar new year all clean!

photo 3 (2) Their fur is now all soft and fluffy!

photo 4 (1)

Jack was like a king in his blankie this morning!


What are you up to this Friday? I’m packing for New Orleans after work!

13 thoughts on “Tone It Up – An embarrassment to women”

  1. I’ve not seen the show and hadn’t even heard of it until my sister mentioned it. She apparently watches it. I love your breakdown of it though. I hate the perpetuation of the dumb female stereotype all the way around and you see it so often on these “reality” shows (insert giggle and hair flip).

  2. I’ve never seen “Tone it up” either, but I have a feeling I’d agree with your assessment if I did.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion of it!

    The “average” women is sized 12-14, so I doubt that’s them. 🙂

  3. Have I been under a rock that I don’t know who the Tone it Up girls are?? I had to go look. Do they ever wear something other than a bikini? IMO the word ‘tone’ is so 1970’s Gloria Marshall figure salon. My mom used to go there. Have a great trip!

  4. I’ve heard of Tone It Up, and only the positives (although I’ve never seen the Tone It Up Girls myself), so it’s positive to hear your “negative” thoughts on them. I don’t think I’d be able to stand watching them if they’re actually that dumb. Or act that way. I only associate with people who are down to earth. Although, I’ll have to admit, I might have to watch part of one of their videos for entertainment purposes, now. I’m going to a Lady Antebellum concert at Mohegan Sun this weekend!

  5. It’s an interesting argument you pose about the tone it up girls above.
    I can see where you’re coming from and I think the way I would explain the girls is it’s just the culture of where they live. Everything from the clothing/lifestyle/ way they speak etc. I’m a big fan of tone it up, because between you and me it does foster a holistic way of living. Yes there’s the beach and bikinis and blah blah blah but they have a way of bringing people in on a normal level and educating them well enough to try something new and motivate themselves. So as much as you may hate them, if they are making such a positive impact on so many women (and a few men too) and giving these girls a feeling of self worth whether through body or attitude that they haven’t seen in a long time, then you can’t help but admit they and the brand are doing something good for the world.

  6. I like their site and workout videos but I absolutely HATE how much they promote their nutrition plan and perfect fit powder or whatever else they happen to be selling at the moment. And these girls buy into it and throw cash at them for every new thing they come up with. I refused to pay $150 for a nutrition plan. Ridiculous.

  7. Somebody shoot me lol what a waste of money . I bought the plan and I can’t stand to look at them all over the website posing constantly , we get it , we c what u look like.the amount of pics of themselves is ridiculous. I can’t stand to go on their website ever again. Plan not so great either. Thank god for Cassey Ho of blogilates and Joanna Soh love them two.

  8. Oh and every thing is all always about the US , they have a pre summer bikini series which of course is for their summer only .

  9. They’re actually really amazing women. I think they’re more silly then dumb. I think they’re just trying to have a fun time as they approach their thirties. If you watch a lot of their videos, they get really serious when it comes to giving you professional information on nutrition and weight loss/etc. The reason why so many love them, is because they aren’t uptight and serious. They’re just best friends who enjoy sharing knowledge on health and fitness. Their reality show…well, its a reality show. So, obviously its meant to make them look a little ditzy. Sorry, just had to comment and share my thoughts. They literally changed my life 4 years ago so I’m pretty grateful for them.

    1. Hey all, first, they are really amazing women, thanks Audrey. Never once will you ever get from them that you should look perfect. They are more about progress, than perfection and having an overall healthy lifestyle with a BALANCE. You’ll see them sneak a bite of something not so great and they are always drinking wine. They are SILLY not ditzy, heaven forbid life be fun. They never encourage unhealthy habits like cutting out carbs for life, if you had done more than simply judge them on their appearance in a few short videos, you clearly formed a hasty opinion. You sound a little jealous to me. I knew Kat briefly before Tone It Up, quite honestly she is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and I couldn’t be happier to see them become THIS successful. These two pour their heart and soul into this company and truly want to provide the healthiest image, products, and workouts possible to all of their followers, customers, and clients. I may not tweet away or hash tag this shit out of all their things, but that works for A LOT of people, and they have created an incredible community for people to be a part of AT ANY LEVEL. Don’t be such a hater Run to Munch! XOXO

  10. i dont think they are playing the dumb stereotype. they are personal trainers and they keep it light and fun! they own a multimillion dollar business, so they are not so dumb! Can you say the same? good looks does not equal dumb and these girls have proven not to be stupid. Being playful, fun and pretty does not equal dumb in my books. You wouldnt be saying the same if they were short, thick with a perhaps in shape, but not so great body. I think you are jealous , you will never be able to look like them and that is why you criticize them so harshly.

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