How I made the treadmill tolerable + Pretty Muddy Giveaway!

How I learned to love the treadmill

Okay, so love may be too strong of a word, but it’s no lie that I spend a lot of time on the treadmill. It’s convenient and reliable way to run when the outside looks a little like this:


I thought I would share some tips on how you too can learn to love, or at least become buddies with this “evil” device.

How to Love the treadmill

Make a mental change – If you keep talking/thinking negative thoughts about the treadmill, you will hate the workout. Instead, stop calling it the dreadmill and thinking about how much you hate winter and the treadmill and yada, yada, yada. Just tell yourself you love the treadmill, and you can’t wait for your treadmill date. Say it enough times and you might believe it. Hey every change starts with a change of thought.

Give yourself something to look forward to – The treadmill is a great time to catch up on plenty of guilty pleasures. Have a new album you want to listen to? Perfect time to do it while running. Save your favorite podcast or audiobook for your run. That way, when it’s time to get busy on the treadmill, you can focus more on the audiobook and less on how boring your run is. My personal favorite thing to do on the treadmill is to watch TV teen dramas. Vampire diaries, Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and anything in between are perfect for the treadmill where you can listen and partially watch, but if you zoned out, you really didn’t miss too much. I have Hulu Plus for that main reason. Netflix also works, and even xfinity cable works on ipads/iphones but not as well.

Give your workout meaning I still haven’t found the trick to doing long runs on the treadmill without dying of boredom. Running continuously and steady in one place is absolutely boring to me. Instead I save my speed workouts for the treadmill. Pushing yourself to hit speed targets on the road can be difficult with people, lights, cars and if you say the running 400s on the track is more exciting you are cray cray. Instead, I find that pushing yourself after setting the speed on a treadmill is much easier. Tempo runs, interval runs, progressive runs and any other speed play is my game.

Recognize the treadmill benefits – I think realizing the benefits of the treadmill vs. the road can make you appreciate this evil device a little more. For one, it’s a lot more forgiving than the road. I don’t know how the roads are in the rest of the country, but in Boston/NYC they are old, cracked, bumpy, uneven and concrete in general is purely unforgiving. I’ve been running 50-70 weekly miles for 2 years now with no injuries (knock on wood) and I think a large portion of that is that 50% or more of my miles are on the treadmill. There’s also the fact that you don’t have to worry about snow, rain, heat, coldness, cars, people, dogs and just the annoyance of the outside world in front of you. You can focus purely on your miles and form without those distractions.

I hope those few tips will get you started on appreciated the lonely treadmill just a tiny bit more.

Pretty Muddy Giveaway

As I hinted in my Pretty muddy against cancer post, I have some goodies. I have four entries ( 2 regular and 2 family edition) for the following cities/dates to giveaway

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22 thoughts on “How I made the treadmill tolerable + Pretty Muddy Giveaway!”

  1. I just started following you but I totally agree on the treadmill, and I think it has made me a faster runner. I do 4 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery, or some workout like that. Sometimes I will do a tempo run on one too. I don’t really do steady-state runs on the treadmill just to log miles, gotta make it count.

    The only thing is, I feel like I need to warm up for at least a mile before I attempt anything too fast on the treadmill. Takes me longer to warm up to it than an outdoor run.

    Like you I watch TV on it, usually I watch old shows (Family Matters was the show yesterday!), or teen drama shows, basically whatever I can watch and zone out on, not a show I have to think about or pay attention to.

  2. This winter I started doing all of my speed and tempo runs on the treadmill at school. The treadmill faces the river and the sunrise, and so I “pretend” I am moving out across the river with the seagulls. You’re right that having the speed controls right there make it easy to do specific workouts. I still prefer the outdoors, but it has gotten much easier the more I do the treadmill. One key is, encourage your gym to keep the thermostat down! The gym at my work is always very hot and makes the workout miserable. The school treadmill is in a room kept at about 55F.

    1. Yea, the temperature is part of my issues with hotel gyms. They’re always crazy warm. I noticed with smaller gyms, it’s less hot if you go when it’s less busy. All that sweat heats up the gym quickly!

  3. I have to say, my treadmill and I have become quite good friends. I enjoy doing speed tempos and hill workouts on it, but I’ve also become pretty fond of doing my long runs on it. It definitely has helped me build my mental strength because I get bored while running on it sometimes, but for me, I’ve learned that having lots of good music ready to play on my iPhone and something on tv that is easy to follow or that can keep me engaged is key (I’ve learned that action/adventure movies are great to watch because they distract me from checking the clock every 30 seconds).

  4. I really don’t mind treadmill runs. I just worry about flying off them–I’m a major klutz. Yes, it gets boring, but I look at the run as something I need to get done. The boredom makes me focus on form. They are great for intervals and progressions runs and playing around with hill workouts.

  5. I am not a big fan of the dreadmill and living in Northern California we have pretty nice weather year round so I rarely have to use it. I don’t like to run in the rain so that’s the only time I have to use the mill.

  6. Interval running on the treadmill has made it much less monotonous. The “boring” quality of the treadmill has always been what keeps me away from it.

  7. I don’t really have a relationship with the treadmill. I only use it from time to time if the weather is bad in my neck of the woods. I will definitely give your tips some thought.

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