Weekend Wrap – Up ` Pintxos, Skiing, and Running

It’s Monday and normally I’d be in my wave of sadness mourning the weekend, but luckily it’s a holiday so I get the day off! Sadly Tony doesn’t so I’m just relaxing alone.

Remember how I mentioned one of the best things about Barcelona was munching on Pintxos? Well I recently learned of a new place that opened up in Woburn, about a 15 minute drive from me, called Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar. That’s where Tony and I found ourselves this Friday night for Valentine’s day. Although, had it not been “vday,” we would have been there anyways cause I’ve been dying to go.

pintxos 1

Salmon, grilled chorizo, Ceviche and octopus. The grilled octopus dish was the best that I’ve had in the states in a long while! The the ceviche was the first time since Peru that I actually loved the dish!

Pintxos 2

We also got the blood Sausage & Chorizo stew, seafood and chicken paella and rabbit cooked in tomatoes. Both very good. I couldn’t find a website for the bar, but there’s a nice write-up in the Boston Globe.

After dinner Tony surprised me with a box of Flake, one of my favorite chocolates. I usually heavily restock in London, but since T-dawg switched jobs we no longer get to go annually so I had a severe Cadbury flake drought.


Also got surprised with so pretty flowers while I was on the trainer for my long ride. Now I just gotta keep the cats from destroying them. Speaking of cats –


He put the Meow before the zuno! And if you see this box, it means I got a new pair of shoes!

New SHoes

My waverider 15s were starting to fall apart, all three pairs, so I jumped on the 16s when I saw them on amazon for $72! Now they’re $70! This led to me busting out a 20 miler on the treadmill, but that’s for the weekly recap post!

photo 2 (7)

Tony, my friends and I drove up to Sunapee, NH for some skiing, since I don’t know how to ski, and everything scares me when I go downhill, I went cross-country skiing instead with my friend. We took a short lesson and then explored on our own. The place where we went promised groomed/tracked trails but something or other happened to their snowmobile so we had to pave the way on our own which got us stuck is some snowbanks and snowfields. Luckily, it was all fresh powder that as very soft to fall into. I saw Mt. Sunapee and the skiers/snowboarders from our cross country trail 5 miles away!

photo 1 (8)

And to cap off the weekend of adventure, I won tickets to the wine expo from Pasta Chips on twitter so I took Tony with me. My face and hair is looking a little greasy because when you spend 2 hours playing candy crush instead of your long run, and then decide to go for your long run, you run (no pun intended) out of time to do girlie things like your hair. Priorities, we all pick them!

Anyways, at the wine expo, I’m proud to brag that I did a good job of not getting myself trashed. I tasted 100s of wines making sure to spit and snack and drink water in between. Only at 4:30, 30 minutes before closing, did I allow myself to sip instead of just taste! Other highlights include finally bumping into Dani whom I keep just missing while I was in New Orleans, and met Susan, another Boston Blogger.

I don’t think wine will ever replace my love for beer, but I did from some new favorites!

How was your weekend? 

Are you a beer or wine person? Neither? I prefer a cold IPA over a glass of wine.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap – Up ` Pintxos, Skiing, and Running”

  1. I don’t really drink much at all except for girly drinks but I’m glad you had fun at the expo and didn’t get trashed. Holy smokes for your treadmill 20 miler, I can’t even imagine running more than 8-10 on a treadmill, much less 20 (but I don’t do 20 milers anymore, either). Congrats on the new shoes, Amazon is great for that and you can’t beat saving money!

  2. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I love wine, but lately I’ve been enjoying some hard cider. We didn’t do a ton of “fun stuff” this weekend. I couldn’t even do a long run because my leg has REALLY been bothering me! 😦

  3. I’m more of a kombucha girl than anything else. Love your new shoes. The colors remind me of watermelon. Gosh I haven’t had tapas in eons. Yum!

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