Weekly Recap – Miles and Miles to go

To be honest my goals have been a bit manic lately as I train for multiple events that only partially go together. I’m torn between trying to get more mileage for my 50 miler trail run in June with getting more biking in for my half ironman in September. Let’s not ignore the swimming part too that I’ve avoided 100% since September. So a little explanation.

  • I’m going high mileage because the trails are frozen and I figured I can over compensate in mileage for the lack of trail running I’ve been doing.
  • I’m trying to build a biking base with my trainer. Since I’ve never really biked before, I figured any time on the trainer is better than nothing. I’m hoping to focus in on some rides over the summer when the roads are not covered with a foot of snow that barely a pedestrian and a car can get through.
  • My mileage in biking and running will be much higher in February vs. March since I’ll be more busy with work next month. Just like I like to bank in a race on time, I like to bank on miles to make up for busier months.
  • Boston Marathon will most likely still be my A race with Little Rock and Atlanta marathons as training runs for Boston and TARC 50 miler.
  • Thinking about running 50 miles makes me want to crawl in a hole; I hope this view changes when I can step on a trail without snowshoes on.
  • Swimming – I know I’ve been slacking. It’s cold, and the sidewalks are all icy. I’m giving myself until the snow melts to keep slacking, then I’m gonna have to start working on a swimming base again.
  • Strength – I should really do something about this. I was informed that carrying a gym-bag does not count as weight lifting

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Monday – 7 Miles
Lesson of the day was that if I start of slow, I can finish strong. Progressive run to an average pace of 8 min per mile on Incline 3.

Tuesday – 8 Miles
My usual treadmill was taken so I had to use the crappy one that always tells me no user detected. Aside from some mumbling, I was happy for the break since this one is easier to run on than my usual one. 7:35 pace

Wednesday – 10 Miles
Ran 8 miles at incline 3 and cooled of with 2 miles on incline 2. 8:02 average pace for the whole run

Thursday – 10 Miles + 33 Trainer Ride
Reversed from my usual. I did 8 miles at incline 2, 7:32 pace and ended it with 2 miles at incline 3 for those evil races that like to end on a hill. Average pace of 7:42

In the evening I thought it would be a great idea to do a long trainer ride since I was going skiing on Saturday. Biked for 1 hour and 45 minutes to what my Garmin told me was 33 miles, but who knows the actual distance.

Friday – 3.1 Mile Run
I was really tired from the long ride on Thursday so I took it easy. Figured a nice little 5K to recover with. 7:44 pace.

Saturday – Cross Country Ski 3 miles?
So the distance is not record-breaking, but it involved taking a lesson and making your own path because the trails we paid to use did not have tracks. Inclines definitely got me sweating!

Sunday – 20 Miles
I was going to go run outside, but as I looked at the fresh layer of powder dumped Saturday night, I changed my mind. I told myself, I have Monday off, maybe I’ll run long then. I went to the basement to run 9 miles since I like keeping 50 running miles per week.

At mile 9 I still felt fresh and decided to keep going with the latest episode of the Blacklist. By 12.9 Miles when my treadmill timer reset I was still feeling solid, so I was like okay, let’s just do the long run now. At my rough Boston Draft, I was supposed to be on a 16 miler so I figured just another 5K to stay on track for Boston. By the time 16 miles came, I was like let’s do 2 more since I did 16 last week. When 18 came, I was pretty tired and done with running, but I still had a little gas in the tank, so I was like why not do 2 more to get to 20 miles! No, I was not able to get myself to run .2 more for my usual habit of ending runs on a .2 or .1.

This would be my first treadmill 20 miler in over 2 years. I did one when I was training for my first marathon. This would also be a new distance for my crappy home treadmill that I previously maxed out at 13.1 miles on.

To what can I dedicate this run to? Episode of Blacklist, New Girl, Mindy Show and a fresh pair of new shoes!

Total Miles 111.2 Miles

Total Biked 50 Miles

Total Ran 61.2 Miles

Total Feelings – With the exception of crazy insomnia Thursday night, my legs feel great

How did your week go? Feel free to link up in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Miles and Miles to go”

  1. Great job on your mileage and your workouts. That’s awesome that you can run so much on the treadmill too, but I don’t blame you if the roads are bad there. Good luck this week!

  2. Wow, you have some really awesome goals for 2014! It makes my goal of completing my first marathon seem so small! I love reading blogs like yours because it really makes me feel like the sky’s the limit. I’m thinking that in 2015 I might “try a tri”.

  3. Wow – great job!! That is some serious weekly mileage. Hopefully soon you won’t have to deal with the snow while getting your miles in!

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