Weekly Recap – How to slack on triathlon training

They say that you SHOULD do more of what you’re weak at and less of your strength. Well this week was quite the opposite! The weather was amazing so of course I had to strap on running shoes and get out there. However, that left little motivation to sit inside on a bike trainer.

Adding to my lack of motivation to do things that I’m bad at, is my speed meter. I’m having trouble with my speed cadence which leaves me a bit discouraged. It is a bit more motivating to see 18mph I had last week than the 6.8mph it’s giving me this week. Furthermore to my slacking, I know I have the summer after my 50 miler to focus on biking!
Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 13.1 mile run 10 mile bike
I ran 8 miles in the morning on incline 2, alternating between 8.2MPH to 7.8 MPH with a 1 mile warm up. Average pace claimed 7:33. After work I got on the training and after 30 minutes my speed cadence started to hate me so I biked for 5 minutes more and decided to do a brick run instead! 5.1 miles on my homemill 7:50 pace.

Wednesday 7 miles
Legs tired after Tuesday. Got through 7 miles incline 3 at 8:12 pace

Thursday 10 miles + 35 minute ride
8 miles at 7:40 on incline 2, then 2 painful miles at at incline 3 of a run/walk combo crawl. Legs were a little tired, but I pushed them since next two weeks I have Little Rock marathon so aside from race day, I would take it a little easy.

My bike ride was another mystery mileage. Garmin told me 4 miles, but I pedaled harder than Tuesday that told me 10 miles before.

Thursday Rough Day

My cat tried to join on the trainer ride!

Friday 7 miles
The plan was for recovery as I set the treadmill to 8:12 pace or so on incline 2 but somehow I kept speeding up without it feeling harder.  Maybe it was season 7 of doctor who that I just started?? Either way, I stopped at 7 because I didn’t want to empty my legs out before the killer heat wave weekend we have. My average pace ended up being 7:42, oops.

Doc Who

Saturday 15 Miles
Such a beautiful, beautiful day! I didn’t make it outside until 2PM so I lost a good opportunity of running without cars. It was great to run in a t-shirt but not so fun trying to avoid cars. Lots of praying on this running. Dear people, please don’t text and drive, please see me in my bright colors, please don’t run me over! I got no where to go!

Saturday Run

I’m ecstatic to wear no sleeves!

Sunday 20.25 Miles
Although the day was overcast and the weather about 10 degrees cooler than Saturday, my run went a bit better than Saturday. Even with all the snow melting, it was still not enough for the majority of the sidewalks and running paths. That walk button is really useful! This is one of those crazy intersection

Sunday Run Snow

I ran in random parts to the lake in Wakefield that I was hoping would be runnable. Instead I only had about a mile of the parking area to run on before I reached the parked cars and then a route. So I turned around and went back to praying that no one is texting and driving!

Sunday Run Total

I did have a close call with a biker as well. Guy was bombing down the road as he did have the right of way, but almost ran into me as neither of us saw each other behind a snow bank. Very scary and very unpleasant for us both!

My heart really goes out to anyone training for this first marathon this winter! It’s a tough one, but you’ll be ready for anything by race day!

Total Miles – 72.35 Running and about 20 or 70 minutes of biking

Total Feelings – Quads are sore! Most be the double long runs this weekend! 

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – How to slack on triathlon training”

    1. Honestly, I just run whenever I can. I’m lucky because I have a treadmill at home and at work so I can do my thing before work, after work and during lunch. Often times I end up running twice a day. Usually during lunch and then after work. If I’m busy mid day, I try to do a run n the morning even if its 20 minutes, I just focus on speed. It does require a good love for the treadmill at most times.

  1. You inspire me to get up and run, I have been following your advise to run 3 to 4 times a week, and its going well, I am very motivated to do well in my 1st Half-Marathon in 3 weeks, Love your blog

  2. Yeah, I am with you with the sidewalks….although ours is a little better by now, hopefully yours is too! I think you are still doing so well. I am impressed you can get two long runs back to back! Rockstar! I had to work all weekend so just kinda got through my runs early….actually not got through, I enjoyed two beautiful runs along the RI ocean, but I pushed my 19 mile progression run to yesterday instead!

    Keep it going 🙂

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