Little Rock Marathon Thoughts and Expectations

litte rock marathon thoughts and expectations

If you noticed, I skipped using the word “goals” from my post because to be honest, I have very few goals for Little Rock Marathon besides to have fun.

It’s been almost 4 weeks since New Orleans. I’ve accomplished part of my goal. I PRed and while I still want to run a faster time, I think I’ll devote that energy towards Boston in April.

Besides my 20 miler over the weekend, I’ve been mostly doing recovery running since NOLA. Well specifically I did a reverse taper for the first two weeks after NOLA, a high mileage week and now it’s race week.

They say the course is hilly and I’ve kinda slacked off on hill training this year. Most of the more hilly running routes I do have been snow covered for months now. Also both NOLA and Boston are flat, so I’ve been focused more on speed rather than hill work. I believe that at the end of the day, it’s all about effort, but I also believe that running hills after training on flat and fast will be painful.

I didn’t really taper this week but I also didn’t really have a high mileage week. I’m at a little over 25 miles for the week when normally I would be around 35-40 by Friday. Since I’ll be on the road Friday, it’ll stay at 25 just because that’s how it ended up this week.

I can’t really say I’ve ever ran a marathon without racing it, or at least starting it racing it even if I end up sick (2013 NYC) or severely dehydrated (Boston 2012). At the moment, I am picturing myself starting the race, running a comfortable training run while taking some photos of other runners. What will happen when the gun goes off? Probably self competitive Liana will take over.

If this training run goes well, I’m assuming around a 3:35. But I’ll be content with a 3:45 and call it a great run. I know it’ll be an EPIC race regardless of time, but as someone that’s always mid training, I like all my training workouts to have some small target.

I also might wear a tutu!

4 thoughts on “Little Rock Marathon Thoughts and Expectations”

  1. I hope you have a great race! My friend is doing it and she said it’s a super hero theme, so she’s wearing a cape :). Sometimes having fun is the best expectation anyway.

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